(Non-Sponsored Food Review) Guac Food Truck - Mexican Food.

by - Friday, July 24, 2015

 I always love how Burritos taste like.

How about some Nachos?
As well as Tacos?

I discovered this truck near my area, Damansara Utama (Uptown).
I was too sick to try Mexican food at that time. 
Therefore, decided to give it a try the next day.

This is the schedule you can refer to.

The two locations they operate are:
- Damansara Utama (near Softsrve)
- TTDI (near to TDH)

 They don't sell too many products but these few products are enough to make me shout "OISHIIIII".
*Oh...that is Japanese*

 Nachos (Chicken + Beef) RM10

Yes, you can opt for a mix, like mine.
 (I want chicken but bf wants beef)

  Cheese, tomatoes, marinated minced beef, shredded chicken, lettuce = YUMMY NACHOS

 Burrito (Chicken + Beef) RM12

I like it. Nuf said.
I like the combination of the ingredients.
Yes, wrap it all!

This is the must-try sauce.

There are supposed to have two flavours but I only get to try "Fiery" which is spicier with extra "KICK".
Another one is "Mild" which was not available during my visit.

Instagram: @theguactruck

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