(Treatment review) Scalp Treatment at Number76 Saloon, Publika.

by - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Walked into this hair saloon and made me wonder if I'm at Japan.
I was surrounded by bunch of Japanese (The Hair stylists and helpers) and Japanese-ish interior.
I was overwhelmed by the interior design of this saloon.
Very comfortable, very stylish.

I was given top quality of services, from the front desk to hair treatment.

They gave customers choices of Green Tea or Water.
Green tea lover, like me definitely will choose green tea without hesitating.

1st step - Hair Scalp Analysis
I was given a hair scalp analysis to check on my hair scalp.
Oh yes, scary much. 
Oily scalp, very oily scalp.

What caused this problem? 
[People with oily scalp should avoid these habits]
  • Stress
  • lacking of sleep
  • Wash hair once in 2 days
  • Oily food
  • Wrong Shampoo
2nd step - A series of treatments for hair scalp
  1. Peeling Purifiant - Deep cleansing, anti-dandruff treatment
  2. Bain Divalent - Deep cleanse the scalp, remove excess oil + Nourishes the scalp + Control abnormal sebaceous gland activity + De-tangling substantive polymer
  3. Fondant Fluidealiste - Instant Hair Management and discipline + anti-frizz control and blow-dry facilitation + Immediate hair surface transformation and nutrition + Extreme softness and smoothness
  4. Serum Jeunesse - Smoothen the hair + Healthy hair with shine + Hair protection
  5. Keratine Thermique - Anti-frizz formula + To tame stubborn frizzy hair
Besides products, they also used Water with Tansan Bubbles to wash my hair and scalp.

What is Tansan Bubble Spa?
Carbonated water is a type of water containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas. 

Benefits: - 
 1.Elimination of scalp sebum
 2.Removing silicon and hair styling products
  Making soft, smooth, shiny hair. It materializes the original tints and curls.
 3.Makes ph of your hair weak acid
  Carbonatad water is weak acid (pH 4.5-5.5).
    And It is gentle water for coloring ,permanent wave and staff.
 4.Circulation promotion
 Carbon dioxide gas goes into blood vessels from the scalp, and improves blood flow of the scalp.
   The merit of circulation promotion

Information from Hereeeeeee!

Hair is being pampered.
Scalp is happy, I am happy.

My hair and scalp are both healthy and smooth.

Thanks to Number76 saloon!

Number76. Publika
A1-G2-2, No. 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-6201 2776

Operating Hours: 10.00 – 19.00 (Closed on Monday)

Facebook Page: click THIS!

Website: http://www.number76.com/ 

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