(Travel) Beginner's Guide to Bangkok (Short trip).

by - Thursday, June 25, 2015

 ****All pictures are taken with Olympus EPL7 and non-edited****

It was a very short trip and it was my very first time to Bangkok(I am referring to the developed Bangkok).  I planned the entire itinerary and decided to share it with my readers who are also first time to Bangkok.


Hotel: Muangphol Mansion (Source: Agoda)
Duration: 4 days 3 nights
Location: Very near to National Stadium BTS, walking distance to shopping area 
Downside: A very old hotel with centralised air-conditioner and simple breakfast.

Bangkok BTS Map

Places to visit 
(but not for extensive shopping)

 1. Asiatique
This is a very good place to visit as it is very beautiful and well-maintained.
I like the exterior design.
Let my photos do the talking.

Address: 2194 Charoenkrung Road, Wat Prayakrai District, Bangkor Laem, Bangkok 10120.
Tel: 02-1084488
Time: 0500pm start

How to get to Asiatique: click HERE [We took BTS to Saphan Taksin and continue with free river taxi]

 Asiatique is like a high class night market.

 Dinner - Fried Green curry chicken rice

 Dinner - Stir fried chicken with basil leaves.

 A must visit to this gorgeous landmark!

 A must-have unedited tourist selfie with it.
Tee Hee. =P

 You can try this this ride.
It is affordable but we wanted to save money for shopping. >=D

Fee: THB250 for two pax.


Beautiful. Speechless. Mesmerizing.

Oh ya! Remember to get PORKY CRISPS from this shop!

Take note of this shop ya. =P

 [Irrelevant picture]

Just to show you that we took TUK TUK as one of our mode of transport too!

 2. Khao San Road
This is definitely for nightlife if you want to enjoy some cheap cocktails at the street with a lot of tourists from all over the world.

*Hint: Hot guys and girls are available at here*

Mode of transport: Tuk Tuk (Around THB200~250 from Asiatique)

 You may pay a sum (Sorry, I don't know how much it is) and enter into Ladyboys' nightclub and dance with them.

 I was all sweaty, oily, exhausted but who cares?

Time for some drinking!
The one I am holding is quite famous at Khao San.
It is called as "Bucket".
A bucket of cocktail-of-your-choice.

My choice: Mai Thai (Around THB200, depends on what you choose)

 More cocktails.

 Erm....yes. I ate a fried scorpion.

Tastes salty, crispy but certain parts are non-chewable so I spitted it out after chewing.

 3. MBK Center
This place used to be a good shopping place but no longer now.

 [Unrelated picture]
To show you how BKK traffic is in the morning.
BKK can be quite congested as compared to the traffic in KL.

 4. Siam Center
A good place to visit-only unless you are looking for branded goods.

 [unrelated picture]
In BKK, fried fermented pork sausage is quite common.

Oh, my kind of street food!

Places for you to have your EXTENSIVE SHOPPING

Are you excited now???
Show me your cheer!

*Ok....a bit too hyper*

 1. Platinum Fashion Mall
This is my view from Platinum Fashion Mall as the name of the mall was blocked by the built-up tents.

Trust me.......you won't be able to stop yourself from buying too much.
Oh wait, what is "too much of shopping?"

*Tips: Remember to bargain (but don't over-bargain) and buy with your friend/(s). The more you buy, the cheaper you will get.*
 2. Big C Supercenter
This is a place for you to grab all your snacks.
Tao Kae Noi seaweed, Pocky of all flavours, Tom Yum instant noodles and more.

BEAUTY BUFFET is in this building as well, if you want to get famous skincare products from Bangkok, Thailand. You may get it from Siam BTS as well. There is an outlet at Siam BTS.

[Unrelated picture]

 Dinner time. Found this restaurant at Big C Supercenter as we went to get our snacks and had our dinner at there as well.

 Dinner - Fish Tom Yum Flat Rice Noodles.

 Appetizer - Original Som Tam.

 Dinner - Rice with Thai spicy soup (Oh, really spicy yo!) and basil fried omelet.


 3. Siam Night Market
Lots of things but I personally think you might need a lot of energy to bargain.
I prefer Platinum and chatuchak weekend market(read belowwwwww).

You will find a lot of vintage stuff, including these handmade snacks.

This is the traditional grilled squid.
First, grill; Second, flatten it.

(Source: Google)

4. Siam Paragon
Yes, Siam Paragon. I went to Siam Paragon, mainly for Naraya outlet to get some gifts for my mum.
Other than that, lots of branded outlets.

 5. Chatuchak Weekend Market
It is so huge and I can't finish roaming through the whole market!
A very very good place for shopping!

How to Get to Chatuchak

1.      Hop on the skytrain (BTS) to Mo Chit station, take exit no. 1 and follow the crowd until you see rows of canvas stalls selling clothes. Turn right while continuing to follow the crowd and you will see a small entrance that leads into the market (clothing section).
2.      Another option is to take the subway (MRT) to Chatuchak Park station (exit no.1), then follow the crowd until you arrive at the small entrance that leads into the market (clothing section). For the plant and flower section, get off at Kampheng Phet MRT station (exit no. 1).

The weekend market is open on Saturdays and Sundays, 09:00 - 18:00, and Fridays 18:00 - 24:00. Plant sections are also open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 07:00 - 18:00.

11    Categories:
·         Clothing & Accessories (sections 2-6, 10-26)
·         Handicrafts (sections 8-11)
·         Ceramics (sections 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 25)
·         Furniture and Home Decoration (sections 1,3,4,7,8)
·         Food and Beverage (sections 2, 3, 4, 23, 24, 26, 27)
·         Plants and Gardening tools (sections 3, 4)
·         Art and Gallery (section 7)
·         Pets and Pet Accessories (sections 8, 9, 11, 13)
·         Books (sections 1, 27)
·         Antiques and Collectibles (sections 1, 26)
Miscellaneous and Used Clothing (sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 22, 25, 26)

*Tips: Go in the morning because the weather is too hot for you to shop in the afternoon. Wear something cooling, bring a hat or umbrella and of course, your sunglasses!*

 Follow the map closely.

Trust me.....We were lost until we found our savior a.k.a. the map.

 If you are into BKK Original, you can get it from here but keep in mind that you will have to queue up for it. A long queue I am talking about.

 Lunch - Thai Chicken clear soup.

Lunch - Rice with steamed chicken.

Some street food we got from Thai Food Fair:

 Thai pork noodles.

 Mango sticky rice.

 Fried Quill Eggs.

 Fried Omelet with Mussels.

 Thai Pork Sausages.

Thai Fish cakes.

As titled, this is a beginner's guide as it was my first time to Bangkok and the trip was a very short trip. Will definitely visit Bangkok again in the near future.

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