(Tips) What do guys notice first about a girl?

by - Friday, June 05, 2015

I've conducted a survey on my personal Facebook profile to check out "what do guys notice first about a girl".

Apparently some girls got offended about my status on Facebook but get real, people!
Yes, your inner beauty is important but hey, what attract guys first is always the physical features.

Without the pretty outside, how are you going to allow the guys to explore your inner beauty? 
Vice versa, if you have ugly attitude or behaviour, nobody will still think that you are beautiful!
(I am talking about your beautiful attitude and behaviour!)

Therefore, I always believe in being beautiful inside out.

Pretty on the outside + Beautiful on the inside = PuuurrrrrFECT combination!

Now now, it's time to announce the RESULT gotten from my status!

As you can see, most guys pay attention is Face, followed by Boobs and Body shape.

Let's see what other established website think about this.
[Sources: Beautyandtips, gurl.com, cosmopolitan.com]
[From 1st to 5th, not in any order]

1. Eyes
Eyes are window to the soul. A nice pair of eyes could catch guys' attention within a split second.

2. Smile
Smile is like a social cue to the guys. 
A warm, inviting smile might communicate, "Here I am, come talk to me." 
A sly, seductive smirk might convey, "You can try, but you'll have to work for it."
A scowl may suggest, "Turn around, and head back to your mother's basement," or, "I have spinach in my teeth."
If you want to be more approachable, smile sincerely.
According to human body language studies, a genuine smile indicates based on the scowl on your eyelids.
Just smile sincerely.
3. Boobs
I am surprised it is not the first thing they notice!
Well, a nice pair of boobs made us, the girls stare as well so why not for guys?

4. Hair
Nice looking yet tidy hair attract guys' attention.
Proper groomed and nice hair aroma are very important hair attributes to attract guys.

Use hair serum or leave-on hair conditioner is good for your hair to stay in shape and to provide your hair with nutrients and appropriate moisture level.

5. Body shape
This is like a package of everything great. Boobs, butt, waist.
Phewwww whitttt!

  • Healthy diet with proper diet, healthy skin foundation is better than having thick makeup on.
  • Light but seductive eye makeup is important to enhance the window to the soul.
  • Smile sincerely more often but of course, don't smile on your own, you will look stupid.
  • Read more books to enhance your knowledge.
  • Use skin care products which are suitable for you.
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