(Tips) How to stay slim after losing weight.

by - Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Girls always want to lose weight.

Instead of losing fats, they usually lost their muscles because they always opt for easier ways to do so.

A lot of people are curious about how I maintain my slim body even though I've attended many food reviews.

According to what I observed from girls around me, I obtained some observation.

What I observed
  1. They don't like balance meal (like the one in food triangle) but extremely in love with desserts.
  2. They rely on slimming treatments.
  3. They forgot/misled by other people about losing fats first before gaining muscle. 
  4. They are lazy to exercise nor walking for a short distance.
  5. They skip meals to lose weight.
  6. They are influenced a lot by media of being thin but not slim.
  7. They sleep late.
What I believe in
  1. I always have balance meals in order for my body to obtain sufficient amount of nutrients. Reduce the amount of starch and meat but increase the amount of vegetables.
  2. I am not against slimming treatments or any other treatments but I still believe in exercising and daily walk.
  3. I don't skip meals. The more you allow your body to starve, the fatter you'll get. 
  4. Thin = lack of nutrients & unhealthy. Slim = healthy & with proper amount of nutrients.
  5. Always sleep before 12am. Your body need some rest too.
  6. I am not against Detox tea too but Green tea is a natural tea which contains anti-oxidants to reduce risks of various types of cancer; boost metabolism rate and help in fat burning; contains bioactive compounds to improve health;and more. Green tea contains lesser caffeine as compared to Coffee.
  7. Cut down on oily food, fried food, sugary food and starchy food.


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