(Beauty Review) CLIO Tension Lip Colour + Clio Gelpresso Shadow.

by - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clio Tension Lip Colour 008 Chu + Clio Gelpresso Shadow No.5 Bottoms Up

 Rich colour. Easy to apply. Convenient.

 Waterproof. Smudge proof.

Most people made mistakes of rubbing it because they thought their makeup products are waterproof and smudge proof.

Actually, what it meant with "waterproof" and "smudge proof" are without rubbing on those areas with makeup.

Chracteristics of Clio Tension Lip Colour:

  • Comes in 8 shades
  • Rich colour (High density, rich colour)
  • Close contact (It coats lip firmly)
  • Bounce up! botox (Highly elastic bounce up coating)

 Before makeup.

These are the makeup items I am going to use for my daily makeup.

Simple, presentable and yes, I don't use any face foundation due to the sensitivity of my skin.

 1. Maybeline Concealer (To cover my dark eye circles)
2. Maybeline Compact powder (To hold my concealer and make it more lasting and natural)
3. Kate eye shadow palette (To define eyes and use as lower eyeliner)
4. Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner (For upper eyeliner)

 Before drawing eyeliner, I used Clio gelpresso shadow to further enhance and define my eyes.

It is very easy to apply and the colour is rich whereas the shimmering effect is good as well.

I always believe each girl should have a red lipstick.

Sexy lady-like colour.

The end result with makeup but still without foundation.

If you are interested, you may get them from SASA or WATSONS MALAYSIA.

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