(Travel) Things YOU HAVE TO DO in Sekinchan.

by - Monday, March 16, 2015

 1) Seafood feast

We chose this not-so-fancy-looking restaurant, Cha Po Tion after reading so many good reviews about it.
Affordable, tasty and definitely worth another round of Seafood feast!

 We ordered 5 dishes.
Salad prawns, steamed fish, Shark fin bone soup, stir-fried bitter gourd and the signature fish dish - FLAT FISH a.k.a. 拖鞋鱼.

Total price: RM60 +/-

 2) Fisherman Village

There are plenty of houses which are converted into shops selling fresh seafood.
Good place to get fresh seafood.

 3)Mangoes at Mango King

It is not a farm. It is just a shop selling fresh mangoes and other things as well.
When I first read online, I thought it is a farm and I was so excited about visiting a mango farm.

Oh well, a little disappointed but the little disappointment didn't affect the mood during the one day trip.

 Nope, these are ripened mangoes.

The “青皮仔”.

 4) Paddy field/ Paddy Processing Factory

Wrong timing to visit paddy field.
No Golden brown paddy field as our background pictures.

But you still get to purchase their signature rice - Pearl Rice.
It appears to be rounder and fuller(oh no....sounds so wrong!).

 The mini Paddy field for display.

 5) 咪咪鱼丸 Mimi Fish balls

Freshly-made fish products, from fish balls to fish cakes.

 6) Redang beach, Sekinchan

There is a wishing tree. You may throw your wishing ribbon up hanging on the tree.

 Or.....you can take pictures like I did.

 This is definitely one photogenic dog.

It refused to move while all the tourists are taking their pictures.
Instead, it posed like this.

 There are some stalls selling food and beverages.

 Fresh coconut, Deep fried squids, Oyster Omelet, Fried Rice Vermicelli with mantis prawns.

 A sunset portrait is a must.

Happy to be here.
Happy to be here with who I was here with.

 Met Hedgehogs.


The reason why I love the beach.
Sunset gave me the calm and relaxing sensation.

I did not include addresses for all locations for a reason.
Sekinchan is not a huge town.
You will be able to find those places eventually.
I've attached the map as reference.

For printing purpose, do click on http://www.sekinchan.org/images/sekinchan-travalling-map-high-resolution.pdf for High resolution map.

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