(Travel) 13 MUST-DO Things in Krabi, Thailand.

by - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1) Krabi Night Market at Krabi Town

 It is not a big town.
You should be able to find it if you walk around or ask around.
But it is only available during weekends.

2) The Giant Crab status by the river shoreline of Krabi Town

I guess this relates to the name of "KRABI"?

3) Walk around and try the road side stalls

Language barrier?
No problem! Just point at the menu and order!

4) Authentic Thai Massage

I heard the comfortable "CRACK" sound of my back.....=P

 5) Island/(s) tour (Phi phi / 4 islands)

I booked the Phi phi island tour.
Usually the island tours are included rental of snorkeling sets, snorkeling trips, lunch and snacks.
Oh yes, they gave us cakes to munch while we were on the way back to mainland.


Put on your best bikini set and tada! Show it off! =P

6) Enjoy your carefree time at any of the bars

They serve cheap cocktails(to us, it is pretty cheap!) and decent food.

Thai food, western food and etc.

 7) Hot Spring Waterfall

 8) Emerald Pool

9) Blue Pool

10) Tiger Cave Temple

11) Elephant Ride

12) Seafood Dinner at Ao Nang

They have a lot of seafood stalls which allow you to choose your own fresh seafood.
You may choose on the way to cook it as well.
Of course, the prices are very affordable!

 13) Take a night walk at Ao Nang

They sell all sort of hand-made souvenirs.

Enjoy your trip in Krabi.

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