(Gadget Review) Casio EX-MR1.

by - Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 Every girl desire to look flawless in reality and photos.

It takes a lot of effort of look flawless in reality.
I am trying hard to achieve that.
But first.....let me look flawless in photos. =P

I am lucky enough as I already have a decent baby a.k.a. camera - Lumix GF3.
Old but still functioning well!

But hey! I still want to look flawless!
Fair, smooth skin and V jawline.

Yada yada yada..

I've heard a lot about Casio TR 10, TR 15, TR 50 but you know what?
The price is the biggest drawback.

MYR4,000+/- just for a selfie camera?!?
No way!!!! It is a waste of money to me!

 I saw this cutie online.

It is selling only at MYR1,000 ++ with similar function and it is very handy!
It does not have flip screen like ZR but it has mirror!


Just have to look at the mirror like how you usually do and snap your pictures!
Mirror-view selfies take the whole selfies to a whole new level!

Mirror x Camera - Just capture your reflection on the mirror!

21mm wide-angle lens makes groupie even easier!

It is very user friendly.

Simple, quick and handy.

Product Features:


This is a very general sample.

Without <<<<< & With >>>>>

I am going to show you all a more thorough pictures with the MR-1 effects!

Art Filter -  Miniature effect.

 Art Filter - Toys.

My Personal Opinion after using EX-MR1

  • Good Selfie Camera
  • Affordable price(VERY! Only 1/4 of the price of a TR 50!!)
  • Similar features and effects as a TR 50 
  • Good Groupfie Camera as well
  • Convenient, Simple and Handy
  • User Friendly
  • Comes in attractive colours (Pink, Green and White)
  • 21mm wide-angle lens (Good for groupfie!)
  • Bad screen resolution (The pictures appear to be bad but actually the pictures are good!)
  • The hidden lens is in the middle of mirror. First-time user might not know that. (Just make it a habit then!)
  • 3.8mm Focal Length is just mere. (Well, I only use it for selfie, groupie or OOTD shots)
  • It is not touch screen. ( It does not matter to me actually)
  • Sensor is not extremely good under low light condition. (But the LED light function does help under low light condition.)
If you all are interested, you may contact my seller via:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-MoMent/424033407637722?fref=ts

Phone: 017-4807911(for instant reply!)

Instagram: Dressing_housee

*Hint hint: Mention when you enquire or purchase for some special benefit!*

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