(Food Review) CNY Menu Review @ Dorsett Regency KL.

by - Sunday, February 15, 2015

 During CNY, we always start off with Salmon/ Pear Yee Sang with Prosperity Yee Sang Tossing.

Yee Sang reminiscences the meaning of "Feng Shui".
Bad luck off, Good luck in.

Dorsett Regency introduces this yummy Salmon Yee Sang into their CNY menu which I think it is a great move. 

As the combination of salmon and yee sang ingredients is the best combination ever.

Dorsett Signature Lamb Chop

I only dared to try a little.
This is awesome for lamb chop lover.
The Fresh lamb chop  + the gravy =  Best combination.

Wok Fried Tiger Prawn with Butter sauce

Do you know how to determine the freshness of prawns?
If the shell is not totally attached to the prawn, it is fresh but not frozen prawns.

Oh yes, this is definitely fresh.
Oh yum.

Sous Vide Free Range Chicken and Fresh Ginseng

one chicken dish which is full of nutrients we needed.

Steamed Salmon Fish with "Virgin Soya Sauce"

Salmon fish is always my favourite.
This is in between the cooked and uncooked state.
Best state ever for Salmon fish.
Nutrients kept and taste enhanced.

Stir fried Dried Oyster with "Fatt Choy"

A very typical chinese dish.

Prosperous Sea cucumber, Shitake mushroom and Superior Dried Oyster

Typical but with extraordinary taste as not many restaurants can handle this dish well.

Stir fried Glutinous Rice with Smoked Duck

This is not oily at all.
The typical one is always oily and full of waxed meat.
Instead, the chef replaced the waxed meat with smoked duck.

A complete picture of the food we had during that night.

Happy CHINESE NEW YEAR in advance to my readers!
Gong xi gong xi!

Last but not least, the sweet sticky rice cake - "Nian Gao"

Tthe perfect combination of a layer of Sweet Potato, sweet cake and yam reminiscences my childhood memories as my mum used to make this during Chinese New Year.

MHB girls with the chefs.

 The complete group photos of the guests of the day.

Dorsett CNY Yee Sang Set Menu
RM888.00++ per table of 10 persons 
(minimum of 6 tables)
-Chinese New Year Prosperous Salmon Yee Sang
-Joy and Luck Seafood Broth
-Dorsett Crisp Roasted Chicken
-Wok Fried Marmite Tiger Prawn
-Steamed Red Grouper with Premium Soy Sauce
-Braised Lingzhi Mushroom with Beancurd, Tau Kan and Vegetables
-Wok Fried Fragrant Rice "Yong Chow"
-Crispy Pancake with Lotus Paste
-Sweeten Sea Coconut and Longan
-Chinese Tea

Dorsett CNY Prosperity Set Menu
RM1,088++ per table of 10 persons 
(minimum of 6 tables)
-Dorsett Salmon Properous Yee Sang
-Seafood Crab Meat and Sliced Abalone Broth
-Wok Fried Chinese New Year Roaster
-Slow Cooked Cod Fish with "Virgin Soy Sauce"
-Golden "Happiness" Tiger Prawn
-Braised Fish Maw and Dried Oyster with Broccoli
-Seafood Fried Fragrant Rice
-Steamed "Nianko" with fresh Shredded Coconut
-Sweeten Sea Coconut, Ginko nut and white Fungus
-Chinese Tea

Dorsett Reunion Buffet Dinner
 (18th February 2015)
RM118.00++ per person

Dorsett Chap Goh Mei Buffet Dinner
 (5th March 2015)
RM80.00++ per person

捞生选择/Choise of “Lou Sang”
Jelly Fish Yee Sang
RM68++ (small set), RM88++ (large set)

Butter Fish Yee Sang
RM68 (small set), RM88++ (large set)

Thai-style Tiger Prawn Yee Sang
RM78++ (small set), RM98++ (large set)

Salmon Yee Sang
RM78++ (small set), RM98++ (large set)

Abalone Yee Sang
RM128++ (small set), RM168++ (large set)

Australian Lobster Yee Sang
RM238++ (small set), RM268++ (large set)

Dorsett Kuala Lumpur
172 Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
03-2716 1000

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