(Blog Contest) Carpooling with TRIPDA!

by - Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I guess most of you have the same feeling as I do.

We spend most of our time in the congested traffic.
Imagine 3 to 4 hours or even more just to stuck in the traffic jam.

Oh my, I am definitely not kidding!

I always have to drive alone.
Being stuck in the jam alone is definitely not fun!

Until I met this awesome application named......


 DA DA DA DA! *lame*

Here comes my story meeting Tripda!

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional artist.*

 One fine day, I was driving alone. 
Stuck in the jam alone. Frustrated, hungry, bored.

 Saw another car with bunch of people.
Happily carpooling together.

 What was that in my mind??? Why didn't I realise I can carpool with somebody???

 Done some thorough research on carpooling and found....TRIPDA!

Benefits of carpooling with TRIPDA:
  • Secure - Check your carpool mates before actually carpooling with them
  • Economical - Save on toll charges and petrol charges
  • Social - Get to widen up your social circle with the carpool mates!
  • Convenient - Accessible through your mobile phones
  • Green - Save on petrol, save the environment, reduce air pollution

 Started carpooling with bunch of cool and trust-able mates!

I like it. Don't you too?


Tripda is an online carpooling platform that connects drivers with empty seats in their car and allow the other user to hitch a ride. (Of course you are allowed to check on the background of the users)

TRIPDA aims to transform carpooling into a norm, a viable transportation alternative.

 Carpool with me maybe? =P

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