(Beauty Review) Verthys Paris Hydra+.

by - Friday, February 13, 2015

 Every girl deserves to have beautiful youthful skin.
Every girl deserves to have hydrated skin.

It's never too much to go for skin hydration treatments as time goes by, our skin dehydrates rapidly even if we don't notice it does!

I still have some visible pores.
Flawless skin takes a lot of hard work to achieve.
It is never easy to get it.


 I was introduced to Verthys Paris Hydra+ products.
It is all natural so it is allergy-free, unless you are allergic to certain plant extracts.

All skin types need to be hydrated, including sensitive skin and problematic skin.
Without proper moisture level, the skin won't be able to regenerate. 

Hydra+ Complex - with this, your skin will never be dehydrated again as your skin will always be hydrated with this product

Hydra+ Concentration - This acts like an espresso as it contains a small amount of caffeine. It wakes up your tired and "sleepy" skin to revitalise and refresh your skin 

Hydra+ Serum - This acts like a bottle of water which re-energise your skin all the time

Firming+ Concentrate - This contains women's favourite ingredient(COLLAGEN extract) to reshape, restructure and revitalise your skin

Hydra+ Cream - This tub contains Vitamin A, D and E and of course, other minerals. It calms, heals and lock-in the necessary moisture to achieve the skin glowing after-effect

 The two star products - Hydra+ Complex & Hydra+ Concentrate

 I was given a treatment to quickly boosts up the moisture level of my skin.

These are the products being used for a treatment.

 To show the texture of the product(Hydra+ Repair Cream which is being used during the treatment), it is a concentrated kind of texture but not oily at all.

 I actually love the smell.
It comes with a very aromatic smell which calmed me down during the application.

This is the Hydra+ cream which was shown above. For people with pimples problem, just apply a very thin layer on the problematic areas.


 Makeup was removed by the trainer.

Well-cleaned, properly cleaned.

 A thin layer of Hydra+ Repair cream was applied for only few minutes.

 This is the best part.

This mask contains Algae, Aloe Vera and etc.

Therefore, it is full of several Vitamins and minerals which are needed by our skin.


My pores appeared smaller and less visible after the treatment.

Skin is more bouncy after the treatment.

I love my skin after the treatment.

I always love my skin to be hydrated but sometimes, we tend to neglect it due to our busy schedule.

Therefore.........HYDRATION and properly MOISTURIZED skin is definitely important for us.

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