(Beauty Review) Bancream Cover Gel.

by - Wednesday, February 11, 2015

 None of the girls doesn't want to own a slim and hot body.

Fat tummy, fat thighs, fat arms are always the enemies to that.
They are the hardest and toughest "enemy" ever when it comes to slimming.

I was introduced to this product named  - Bancream Cover Gel.

So what is Bancream Cover Gel?

It is an Anti-Cellulite and Firming Cool Gel with Carnitine, Ivy Extract and Caffeine.

It is an all-natural way to be slimmer! It has the cooling sensation as well!


Apply a few drops on the problematic areas in the morning and night.

 Rub it over and massage a little, if you desire.


Bottom: AFTER

 No drastic effect on my arms.

 Slightly smaller and firmer waist.

 I lost some fats on my tummy!

Some is good enough.....because it is hard to stop me from having good food!

 Smaller tummy! ^^

Slightly slimmer thighs.

With just 10++ application, I can see slight changes on my body parts. I believe with the application of bancream and toning exercise, the effect would be more obvious.

Overall, I think it is all depends on individuals. Maybe my body reluctant to take in more gel.

You can get it from Watsons Malaysia now!

OH my Body!

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