(Beauty Review) Rich F Cup Cookie.

by - Tuesday, January 20, 2015

 Can you imagine your boobs grow bigger suddenly?

No, I am not talking about plastic surgery even though I am not against plastic surgery at all.

Recently, I got myself this box of RICH F Cup Cookie with Strawberry flavour and decided to give it a try.

No, I don't have flat chest but hey, no harm trying, right?

Of course, I would like to have AN EXTREMELY HOT CURVY BODY!!!

HOT! *love*

Ordinary F Cup Cookie
  • Contains Pueraria Mirifica which helps in promoting breast enlargement(size, fullness and firmness), skin enhancement and anti-aging. It is rich in Miroestrol and Deoxymicroestriol. It is a natural breast enhancer.
  • No side effect, unless if it is taken wrongly or exceed recommended by dosage.
  • Delicious and convenient as tea time snacks.
  • Consume just one bar per day. 
 RICH F Cup Cookie
  •  Same benefits as the ordinary F Cup Cookie but it contains DOUBLE portion of Puereria Mirifica as compared to the ordinary F.Cup cookie.
  • Therefore,  it gives a greater growth of mammary glands and increases the fat composition around the breast area.
  • No side effect unless taken wrongly.
  • Delicious and convenient as tea time snacks. 
20g x 15's in a box.

94 calories per bar. (Come on, one bar per day won't hurt your diet plan. =P)

  • Do not consume during pregnancy, menstruation and breastfeeding.
  • Take in plenty of water with one bar per day.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please don't consume it.
  • Please keep it in a cool place.

During the consumption period 

 Happy about my box of Rich F Cup Cookie!
I always wanted to try the ordinary F Cup Cookie but hey, now I got myself the RICH version of F Cup Cookie.

Double the portion, double the joy size. =P

 So happy that I have to peace out for the Rich F Cup Cookie.

Yummy with my favourite Strawberry flavour!

 Rich F Cup Cookie made me feel sexy......=P


 Have you eaten your Rich F Cup Cookie?

I have eaten mine.

After 15 bars of Rich F Cup Cookie (Review)
  • Firmer
  • Fuller
  • But it varies across individuals, I think. It depends on your body's reaction towards it. My breasts got firmer but not one cup size larger.


You may get it from any SaSa outlets and they are having promotion right now!
RM199 for two boxes (2 x 15's x 20g) with a free bra organiser!
NP: RM118 per box!

For more information, do visit SaSa Malaysia Facebook Page now!

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