(Event) Johnnie Walker "Make It Black" Party @ One City.

by - Thursday, January 22, 2015

Johnnie Walker "Make It Black" party was held on the 31st of October at One City, Subang.

Oh yes, it was during Halloween.
I was expecting more costumes or dressing up.
Therefore, I went with my pink bunny ears on.

Oh well, Johnnie Walker has a more distinct elegant group of party-goers.
They didn't dress up. I was the only UNIQUE pink bunny there.

 My partner of the night - Kelly Lee.

I dressed in black whereas she dressed in blue.
Isn't she hot?

Hansen Lee, Jeremy Teo and Joey G hosted the event, sharing the history and journey of JOHNNIE WALKER® with John Walker starting his business with a grocery store, leading up to its evolution into an edgier, bolder personality through the current MAKE IT BLACK campaign. The performance communicated the pioneering and courageous spirit of founder John Walker when he first created the iconic whisky, and the need to keep improving, in accordance with the brand’s tagline – “Keep Walking”.

DJ Joey G and DJ Ken were on the decks, entertaining guests with music from different decades and genres ranging from 80’s rock to the Indie Dance music of today. Throughout the night there were also several dance numbers, featuring a dazzling LED dance performance by local popular dance crew, Katoon Network, as well as a sexy female dance group, with choreography by Cecilia Yong, winner of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia Season 2. Guitarists Leonard Chua and Kelvyn Yeang, and drummer Nehe Ting rocked it out with guests as part of the mix of music on show that night.

 Hot dancers were on fire that night!

They hyped up the whole party night with their hot dance moves!

 What is a party without a little drinking?

I enjoyed my glasses of Johnnie Walker while having fun with my friends.

 (From left to right) Sarah, Yours truly and Tenshi.

The bloggers under MHB.

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