(Review) My Beauty Journey - 3 Dots Eyelid Procedure.

by - Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You won't know the amount of makeup products I've used to enhance my single eyelid for the past few years.

I want to have a pair of natural defined eyes.
I want to look more energetic.

I always have thick eyeliner on, which many people start questioning about it.
Asking me why do you want to apply such a thick eyeliner.
Single eyelid girls will understand my feeling well as it will have any difference if thin eyeliner is applied.

I am blessed with tall nose bridge, appropriate face shape and nice lips but nothing is perfect.
Without the eyes, the other features are non-noticeable. 

Let me show you some of my old photos and you'll know what I am trying to illustrate.


 Back in year 2009, I was slightly fatter than current. I had no clue what is fashion, what is skin care, what is beauty.

Eyes were tiny, messy eyebrow, dry skin.

 I had braces on back then. Slowly, my weight went down and I got slimmer.

Eyebrow still messy though. I had no idea how to deal with eyebrow.
Eyes still tiny though.

 Since year 2011, I started to have lower liner and colour lens on as my "light makeup" but of course, it wasn't satisfying at all because it is still lack of the power from the eyes.

Something is lacking there. Something.

 And of course, my SIGNATURE thick eyeliner.

Oh yes, the amount of eyeliner I used for the past few years can be really dramatically HUGE.

 Getting more and more relied on lower liner and lens.

Oh no, please don't tell me I look cute and innocent in all these photos. =(
Especially in the corporate world, it is not good to look innocent as the first impression is very important.

 Year 2012 - My Makeup getting thicker and thicker. Thick upper eyeliner, lower liner with lower shiny liner. Thick enough?

I rocked thick eyeliner but I really didn't like the feeling of relying on it.

 I tried to reduce my makeup because I know I can't live completely relying on thick eyeliner.

Alright.....still back to where I was during beginning of the year.

I am going to show you my eyes right before the procedure.
Be prepared.
Be careful.
Stay tuned.......=X

As you can see, I have bigger eyes as compared to year 2009.
Thinner Face and etc.

Something is lacking there.
Something single eyelid will never able to provide me.
Never ever.

Until I visited esmé Clinic

They introduced me the idea of 3 Dots Eyelid Procedure.
It is different from the usual DST Eyelid Procedure which many bloggers have blogged about.

Let me introduce you the three types of eyelid procedure:

1. Open Style Double Eyelid Surgery method (a.k.a. Cutting)
  • This is a very traditional double eyelid surgery
  • remove unnecessary eyelid and fat around the eyes + thin muscle under the eyelid
  • Suitable for people who have puffy eyes, muscle problem, single eyelid, thick excess skin eyelid
  • Downside: The recovery time might takes long but eventually it will looks natural upon recovery 

2. Double Stitching method (a.k.a. DST)
  • Founded by Japanese professor but modified by korean doctor later on
  • Uses vertical and horizontal inter-waves  stitching technique
  • Improved method last longer as compared to the old stitching method
  • Fastest recovery among the three methods
  • Downside: Will not achieve the beautiful double eyelid with deep creases

 3. Micro Incision Style ( a.k.a. 3 Dots)
  • Combine the best of both stitching and cutting methods
  • Most sophisticated upper eyelid surgery
  • ONLY 3 mini incision spots above the eyelid will be opened as compared to the cutting method
  • Recovery is faster as compared to the cutting method
  • will not have the scar occur
  • Create the desire deep creases on the eyelid
  • Downside: Slightly slower recovery as compared to the stitching method but the difference is only one or two days
This was taken on the 4th day.

As you can see, there are three knots on each eyelid with the mini incision.

My recovery was speedy much because I tried my best to take appropriate nutrients to speed up my recovery process.

I am willing to do anything for the sake of own beauty. >=D

 Recovery & Downtime:
My healing time was faster than expected. The doctor was surprised too when I went back for follow-up appointment! I am going to share the tips on how to recover FASTER & BETTER!

  • Use ice pack on your after-procedure eyelid as frequent as possible
  • Avoid the contact of water, hand or anything during the first 5 days
  • Take in more fruits & vegetables for the sake of nutrients
  • Avoid seafood or any food which you are allergic to
  • Take in some specific food for their special nutrients for speedy recovery(going to share below)
 Pineapple contains Bromelain which helps in reducing inflammation.

 Fish Oil also helps in reducing inflammation.

Parsley, Oregano & Basil - They are rich in vitamin C and coumarins(Anti-bacterial).
  •  Vegetarian meal for the first 5 days(My way as I always have food allergy problem)

 Try to avoid processed food. Take more green vegetables if possible.

I removed my thread and the knots on the 6th day.
The result I got is better than I expected.

I can now take pictures without any makeup on but still look alright!

 Eyes are more defined!

Only covered my lower eye area with concealer!

 This was taken 2 weeks after the procedure.

 Without makeup on.

I can still look good without makeup!

No makeup. =D 

 This was taken 2 weeks plus, close to 3 weeks after the procedure, which was the past Saturday.

With VERY minimal makeup on. Only prolonged my eyes a little with a thin eyeliner.

*Before my eyebrow embroidery* 

This was taken 3 weeks after the procedure.

*After my eyebrow embroidery* 

This is the most recent photo, taken last Saturday.

It's getting more and more seductive and natural.

I can really save a lot on my eyeliner!


 In case you all want to see from front angle.

There you go.


Just mention "JIAYEEN" to enjoy some exclusive promotion if you all decided to take up this procedure! 

WHAT CHU WAITING FOR? =P Call them up to make an appointment now!

esmé Clinic 
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya. 

Tel: 03-7955 1491

In case, you can't see the differences.

Both with minimal makeup on.
Left: year 2011 
Right: year 2014(after 3 Dots eyelid procedure)

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