(Honest Review) Juice Cleanse Program with Wellness Inc.

by - Monday, December 08, 2014

Health is precious.
Even if you are wealthy, you can't buy an eternal health.

I am introduced to a Juice Cleanse Program by Wellness Inc not long ago.
I like the concept as it is natural and DELICIOUS!

Imagine you can be healthy and enjoy the delicious fruit juices at the same time.
Oh yum.


Juice Clean Program consists of 6 bottles of juices.

They combine the goodness of 25 types of fruits and vegetables.
Namely Starfruit, Pineapple, Red Spinach, Himalayan Salt(fruit or vegetable? Who cares! It's good for you!), Tomato, Rose Apple and MORE MORE MORE!

Benefits of Involving yourself in this program:
  • Eliminate Harmful Food
  • Rest Your Liver (Too much of Partying and drinking! Oopsy! *Not me*)
  • Rehydrate Your Body
  • Ultimate Nutrition Fix 
  • Improve Your Energy
  • Rest & Repair Your Gut
  • & more........FIND OUT BY YOURSELF!

One thing about these bottles is...


Out you go!

For example,
In The car!

On my lap.


Gym-ing time.

*I didn't wear sports bra just for the photo k? =P*

Check them out and JOIN ME in this program now at:

Hashtag #wellnessincmy on Instagram and Facebook to share your cleanse journey with us.


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