(Event) Julie's x Hershey's Blogger event.

by - Tuesday, December 30, 2014

 Julie's is Malaysia's leading cookie manufacturer and producer and it has been picked by The Hershey Company (Hershey) for this new collaboration. 

Oh love. =P

A little about Julie's

Julie's presence in more than 70 countries across South East Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, America and the Middle East regions. It is founded in 1981 began with the export operations. Its 3 factories built on 15 acres of land in Malacca and equipped with just 5 oven lines, 12 wafer roll ovens, a waffle oven, a waffle book oven with a chocolate-coating line and several sandwiching and wrapping machines.

The tagline of Julie's is "Baked with Love".

A little information about Hershey's

I bet you are familiar with their famous Hershey's kisses but not their history.

Hershey's headquarter is located in Hershey, Pa. It is a globally well-known confectionery leader in bringing the goodness of chocolate to the world. Hershey has roughly around 13,000 employees around the world.

The company has been exemplified by the Milton Hershey School, established in 1909 by the founder and administered by Hershey Trust Company.

 The event was held at Dal Komm, Damansara Utama.

It is famous of their inception of music and korean desserts.

We were given boxes of delicious cookies as samples.

I can't wait to try!
I am the greatest fan of Hershey's kisses chocolate!

 This is one of the variants.

Chocolate Fudge Cookies.

I think....I am in love.

These are the six variants:
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Chocolate Fudge Vanilla Flavoured
  • Chocolate Waffles
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Chocolate Chip Oat
  • Chocolate Chip Hazelnut
 We were given a Korean Bingsu x Julie's Hershey's Chocolate Waffle!

Oh yum!

 I am seriously.....in love with the Chocolate Fudge!

Have you eaten your cookies?

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