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by - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I've been putting on make-up since years ago.
We girls, we just want to look good, confident and be beautiful!

But.....the truth under the makeup?

This blog post actually took me lots of courage to publish......because I usually look beautifully fine in everybody's eyes......

And now, I have to damage my reputation of having bad skin condition. =(

Long ago, I was told that if we don't start applying facial sunblock, we will age sooner than we thought.
Oh yes, I bought a tiny bottle of sunblock.

*I've censored the brand due to the copyright and brand reputation.*

Side effects happened to me - Bad breakouts, Irritation, Rashes, Dryness....most importantly, I had SERIOUS CLOGGED PORES!

I was so sad, low morale, low self-esteem.
I always thought it was because of my work pressure until my friend asked whether or not I changed my products or routine.

I just want my skin to recover as soon as possible.
I tried not to put on makeup but....I can't stand myself looking horrible without makeup.
I lost my self-confidence. I became so grumpy. I don't even dare to look at people when I talk to them.

You won't understand the feeling until you experienced it. =(

  • Consult your medical/pharmacy-related friends before using some chemical-based products
  • Sunblock contains a lot of minerals which could be harmful to our fragile skin
  • Choose the correct SPF. If you are not going nor working outdoor, choose lower SPF, like 15 or 25 SPF. Higher SPF doesn't mean good for indoor work, might have adverse effect
Want to see what happened to my skin?!?

Prepare for some shocking images........
 *Note: All pictures are non-edited except for the very first picture above but just added watermarks*
 Front view.

 Right view.

Left view.

I felt helpless.
I didn't know what else I can do to rescue my skin.
What I did was just covering it with makeup, thick thick foundation but of course, it did not help at all!

 One afternoon, I visited esmé Clinic which is located at Jaya One.

If you've not read my previous blog post about this clinic, click HERE!

I consulted them and told them my disturbing problem for few weeks.
I was glad that they were able to provide me the professional advices and not simply promoting me just any treatment which could not solve my problem at all. Oh yes, I am still glad.
I am currently enjoying the privilege of not having makeup on my face to work, like finally!

 I was brought to a room.......just kidding!

It is just one of their therapy rooms.
I must say, very comfortable, especially with the soothing music.

 I was so eager to know how will the therapy treatment help me as I really want to solve my God D*** problem as soon as possible!

People nowadays have encountered a lot of skin problem.
To be frank, it is usually because of the ingredients in their skin care products which caused skin allergies and accumulate the toxin under their skin layer.

I was one of them.
Oh yes, I used to rely on expensive branded skin care products a lot until my skin lost its own immune system and became prone to any changes, from weather to stress. 

I was introduced to this new therapy, which is specially for acne skin, sensitive skin, dehydrated skin or even rough skin(a.k.a. Clogged Pores!).

Besides that, folks with back acne problem can enjoy this therapy as well because our back reflect our inner body cleanliness. Once we have acne on our back, it means something. Don't ignore it but solve it as soon as possible!

Platinum Purified Therapy
This therapy is based on basic Cuban theory with combination of herbal and plant extracts.
It could directly penetrate into the skin growth layer and promotes detoxification under the skin all over the face in order to allow the smoothness of the blood circulation.

Plant extract is very effective in terms of skin penetration. It enables the inhibiting of enzymes to play a role in the epidermis and decomposes melanin.

This therapy enables the happen of long-lasting skin whitening to solve the skin pigmentation and rough skin problem while the aging and open pores can be solved as well. 

All products are securely packed in individual packaging as shown in the picture to ensure the cleanliness and genuineness of the products.

*Sorry, I really need to censor the brand to prevent any imitation of brand*

The packaging comes with bottles of Collagen, Mask and cleanser.


 This step is to remove all the residuals left on your face, especially makeup.

In this step, Apple cleanser was used.
It is a beauty cleanser + glycolic acid-rich peptides, also known as acid peptides.
Acid peptides could soften the dead skin cells with the use of Jojoba scrub to rebuild the skin cells metabolism.

The Apple Polyphenols with the aromatic soothing tension in tissue could protect the skin from the damage of free radicals(which caused aging of the skin).

Of course, if you are allergic to these three active ingredients, namely Jojoba friction scrub particles(eliminate dead skin cells), Glycolic acid(strengthen the cells) or Apple polyphenols(effect of aromatherapy), you may inform the beautician.

I am sure they will have some special arrangement for you.
My skin type is ULTRA sensitive but....I can still take up this treatment. I am pretty sure your skin wouldn't have any problem with this treatment but to thank you for this treatment.

Warning for scary pictures!

 These capsules contain of flavonoids with gingko extracts with the natural whitening ingredients.

The purification superconducting capsules act as the strong carrier to penetrate quickly into the skin cells. It activates the cell autoantibodies and remove the the bad particles under the skin that have been accumulated for years, such as mercury, lead, heavy metal colouring(Oh yes! these are very common as ingredient for makeup products! Believe it not?)

There are 4 active ingredients that you might want to take note of, Rose whitening factor(whitening, moisturising, skin rejuvenation beauty, skin wrinkle), Stem cell extract(activation and repair damaged stem cells), Lycopene(enhance immunity, anti-aging, eliminate radicals) & Trace elements(promoting enzyme mineral cations and cell regeneration).

No side effects, no over-sensitive, no dependence.

 The beautician will squeeze the capsules on your face and it will look something like this.

 In esmé Clinic, they combine the products with their super sonic technology to remove the toxin effectively and efficiently.

There is no other place would have introduced this method but esmé Clinic.

 As you can see from this picture above, the capsule extracts still appear as "WHITE".

 It slowly transformed into....."GREY".

The colour varies across individuals as the amount of toxin under our skin are different.

 Oh yes......"BLACK".

Yes, my skin cells have been feeding too much on makeup and skin care products.
This video clearly demonstrates how esmé Clinic removed the toxin under my skin and the result of it.

 I "mustache" you. =P

 The beautician will just wipe it off easily with a piece of facial tissue paper.

Look at the drastic amount of toxin I had under my skin.

T___T Oh sad.


 The uniquely tiny molecules enable it to penetrate the dermis rapidly to rebuild skin collagen and elasticity with fiber which effectively locks in skin moisture and promote active skin secretion.

Fountain essence is rich in hyaluronic acid to form a protective film of breathable layer while adding soothing trace elements.

The common active ingredient between these two elements is the trace elements which I have talked about it above.

This step is meant to lock in the moisture and vitamins needed by our skin after removing the toxin from our skin as it can absorb more effectively.


 This mask enhances the moisturising effects and improves the water retention capacity of the stratum corneum while the white fungus polysaccharides can effectively improve the skin condition.

The only active ingredient of this mask is the Tremella polysaccharide extract which is rich in natural vegetable gum, protein and vitamin. It can enhance the skin's immune system and eliminate facial melasma and freckles effect.

 The beautician applied the remaining essence on my face.

Not to waste every single drop of the precious essence.

The beautician messaged my face after the mask to promote more effective absorption of all the essences.

 The END PRODUCT after just one time treatment:
Top: Before
Bottom: After

 Front : Quite obvious that my redness has reduced.
Pores are less visible. Less irritated.

 Right: Less irritated. Less rough. Better. Smoother.

Left: Fairer too!

For the sake of my readers. you all just have to mention my name - "JIAYEEN" and like esmé Clinic's Facebook Page to enjoy the Trial Promotion of RM208 for First Trial!

If you decided to take up a package, there is a package promotion too! Buy 3 sessions and get another 3 sessions for free!

esmé Clinic 
No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
No.72a, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya. 

Tel: 03-7955 1491


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