Kirin Glamping Night @ White Box, Publika.

by - Monday, October 27, 2014

 Kirin Ichiban organised the Malaysia's first Glamping Night 2014!
It is the one event that combines Japan and camping!
 (I actually thought we have to dress glamorously. XD)

Back to the main topic, what is Kirin Ichiban?
I blogged about Kirin Ichiban once, if you remember.
Click HERE to view it!

About Kirin Ichiban, its beer is at its purest which means it was taken at its first press and it also contains 100% malt!

Guess what? Kirin Ichiban is actually a beer developed by Kirin Brewery with over 100 years of history! 

They produce the premium quality beer that uses the innovative "First Press" brewing method that enables them to extract the malt liquid from the first press.

It is the purest, most flavourful portion.

 We were first welcomed by the lantern decorating section.

We were given our own plain lantern whereas the paint and paint brushes were on the table.
We can decorate however we want. I've decided to write my name but seemed like it is not an easy task as my name was being drawn crooked.

Our lanterns were used to enhance the whole atmosphere of the event.
As you can see from the picture, all the lanterns are well-decorated by the attendees.
(Am I trying to praise myself? =P)

Tents were built across the whole venue where we get to experience the whole new experience of Japan and camping! We were given a checklist to complete our given tasks.

First task - Lantern decorating
Second task - Kendama (traditional Japanese game) + arts and crafts (DIY silk screen art and DIY box seat)
Third task - DINNER TIME! (Japanese bento boxes)

The first task was completed. Therefore, we proceed with the second task. One of it is to create our own box seat! After that, we get to decorate our box seat to differentiate ours with others!

We get to create our own printed woven bag too!
It is one of the second tasks!

Third task? Dinner time!

It is very unique as each of the attendees get to eat like a Japanese in a bento box.
Of course, they served Japanese food as well!
Gyoza, Tempura and more!

That complements what James Kim, the Brand Manager of Kirin Ichiban Malaysia said during his opening speech, "Glamping Night by Kirin Ichiban aims to bring the best of Japan to Glampers."

 Here comes the first band performance.

It has a touch of Japanese music with techno.
Kinda special as I never get to listen to this kind of music at other non-KirinIchiban event before.

 Second performance would be the "Japanese Ghost" dance performance.

Synchronized, I must say, very synchronized.

Third performance would be this all-girl band performance.

They outstandingly performed all songs in Japanese with full energy and charm.
This definitely had entertained the attendees of the night.

 Oh yes,us again. Photo courtesy of Tim Chew, founder of MHB.

The whole Glamping campaign actually started around late August and ended on the 21st of September 2014. Glampers included consumers who purchased in the on-trade segment and registered to attend Glamping Night 2014. Of course, it also included the Glamping digital contest winners.

From now till mid-Novermber 2014, you, oh yes, YOU just have to purchase any Kirin Ichiban from the on-trade establishments and off-trade stores(supermarkets and convenience stores), you will receive a scratch card and stand a chance to win a prize of a lifetime!

What are you waiting for?
Don't understand?

There there, I will simply it for you!
  1. Purchase any Kirin Ichiban from the on-trade establishments and off-trade stores(supermarkets and convenience stores);
  2. Receive a scratch card;
  3. Stand a chance to win a prize of a lifetime! (TADA!) 
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