How to get rid of a past relationship? A habit.

by - Monday, October 20, 2014

No, I am not a neurologist nor psychologist BUT….I am very interested in observing Human Behaviour.
How we act, What we will do next, Why do we act like that and etc. All these interest me a lot.
I am an accounting graduate and working as a banker with a distinct and a quite wide range of interests. I love Baking which led me to take up a short course in baking and got myself a certificate in baking. I love research deeply into Human Behaviour which led me to read a lot of books on Human Behaviour, from relationship to self-building books. I love communicating which led me to start blogging and wrote about random things. (ok…..enough of some random introduction….=X)
Today, I am going to talk about “HABIT”!

Have you ever wondered what contribute into the formation of a habit?
According to The Power of Habit, a “HABIT” is a chain of actions which your brain set them into “AUTOMATIC” mode. Therefore, we always do something unconsciously.
First thing first, do you know a “HABIT” actually consists of three steps?

First Step – Cue
Cue means something that acts as a Trigger.
Second Step – Routine
In “HABIT”, routine means the process of doing something.
Third Step – Rewards
It means something to make yourself happy or joyful and your brain will set it into something “joyful” and turn it into “AUTOMATIC” mode.

Let’s take “GOING TO THE GYM” as an example.

So whenever you want to change a bad habit, do try the 3 steps. Never say never. However, there is one important factor that will determine the success of the changing of a habit.
Important Factor – Belief
If you don’t believe you can do it, nothing can be done. Let’s take an example from the book. Alice(change of my name as it is just an example) used to be a heavy smoker, a drug addict and gambler. She decided to change her bad habits. It lasted for a few years and lived happily with her family. One day, she found out her husband is cheating on her and they divorced. Since that day, she is back to what she was last time.
Lesson learnt from this incident, if you don’t believe in what you are doing, you might just back to where you were before when a chronic incident hit you out of sudden.
All these can be applied on “RELATIONSHIP” as well.

Relationship Example
When a couple broke up, both of them will be back to their lives without each other. They feel uncomfortable, empty and want to get back to the life together. What they do not know is…..all these are just “HABITS” they have created together over the period of relationship.
It’s easier for us to say than do but if you never tried it, how do you know you can’t change it at all?
I’ve tried it and it succeeded. Just have to put in more effort and beliefs, nothing cannot be done. There is no reason for us to bug our ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends or ex-flings or whatever complicated relationship when he or she doesn’t give a damn anymore.

Corporate Example ONE
Do you know that the mint flavour in the toothpaste does not acts as the cleansing agent?
Long long time ago, when the toothpaste was first introduced in the western countries, nobody really care about the hygiene of their teeth and this worried the toothpaste companies and ministry of health as the ignorance of teeth hygiene could possible lead to other diseases.

They decided to seek help from Hopkins whom is famous of his inspirational talks. He observed the habit of the people and decided to change the habits of the people.

He came up with this plan and it was a great success. People started using toothpaste and it lasts until now. The “MINT” is actually a reminder to your brain, a reward to your satisfaction.

Corporate Example TWO
I bet you all knew about the Famous Febreeze. It wasn’t that successful when it is first launched. They gave out samples to people and expected the sales to go up drastically but unfortunately, it was out of their expectation. A survey was conducted to find out the problems and they found out most of the people did not use it but to keep it in the wardrobe, only one, ONE country housewife almost finished the whole bottle. They requested to watch the housewife conduct her house chores. What they discovered later was unbelievable. The housewife sprayed on the furniture every time she is done with each area of the house. She said it acts as a reminder or a sign of her personal achievement of cleaning the house. 
Yes, the aroma, the aromatic smell that triggers her brain to clean the house more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, Procter & Gamble has come out with Febreeze which consists of varieties of flavours a.k.a. aroma.

In a nutshell, believe in what you are doing, do what you are believing. Giving up is not an option if you want to succeed.

Inspiration from,
The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg


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