Two Pesos Steamboat, SS2 + Mr & Ms, Oasis.

by - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 Have been listening to a lot of comments and saw a lot of photos about this place.

I've came across the affordable price with the worth-the-price portion!
No MSG, no preservatives!
All the flavours are well-blended by Two Pesos.

 This is their menu.

Sorry, there is no English version.
FYI, I can read Chinese and speak fluent Mandarin.
*My relatives thought I couldn't. T___T*

Back to the topic, I will roughly list out some of the special flavours they have.
For example, Milky Steamboat with Seafood, Sukiyaki, Mongolian Herbal, Taiwanese Satay and more!

 My friend ordered the Two Pesos Stone Pot which is the clear soup.


This is not the only ingredients, of course.

 Oh yes, this belongs to my friend.

Seafood, Corn, Vegetables and etc.

 I ordered the Milky Steamboat with Seafood.


This is how it was when the waiter served me this pot.
Full of ingredients.

 Turn up the flame and boil the soup.

The ingredients will slowly immerse into the MILKy broth.

 The end product.

I like it.
I love milk and of course, milky products.
Concentrated(Don't imagine it as Condensed Milk), creamy and the taste is just nice.

If you don't fancy milk that much, don't try this.

How can I not take a picture with my first Milky Steamboat?

 *Ignore my zit. =(*

A closer look of me with my Milky steamboat!
Look at the broth!

 Due to the affordable price, you have to do some of the things by yourself.

Top up your own broth. Get your own utensils and sauces.

Another thing is......if you are going in a group of more than 4, you all might have to sit separately because they do not have long table to cater for a big group of more than 4.

 Two Pesos Restaurant
7, Jalan SS2 / 67, PJ SS2

Operating hours: Daily 12pm till 3pm, 6pm till 11pm.

Phone Number: 017-672 3288


 Chocolate Love Affair RM9.90

Belgium Dark Chocolate and crunchy hazelnut cake topped with Salted Caramel Popcorn.
It is super rich in Chocolate.

I don't usually fancy Chocolate.
When I do, it must be good chocolate, especially Dark Chocolate!

A cupful of Sunshine RM10.90.

The name is a bit deceived.
It is surprisingly refreshing with passion fruit puree and crumbles.

I went to this place on a Public Holiday.
Therefore, not many choices left for me to choose from.

Mr & Ms
B-G-3A, Block B, Oasis Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7859-6665

Open 10am-5pm, except Mondays. Dinner service commences July.

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