Sony Alpha Workshop @ Malacca.

by - Thursday, September 04, 2014

 ***Disclaimer: All photos were taken using Sony Alpha 7 with F1.8 lens, unless stated clearly. (No edit at all!)

The 6 so-called-model girls who were "sub-contracted" from MHB for the Sony Alpha event.

We were being called as models throughout the whole event even though we are not.
It was a 2 days 1 night trip to Malacca for Sony Alpha Workshop.
The six of us want to learn more photography skills on our own instead of relying on other people.

My 1st time meeting them(not for Jenny the Cikgu) and we took a wefie with her ZR1200!
How crazy can it be?

Photo Credit: Jenny. 

Transportation and Accommodation were provided by Sony.
How sweet!

 We were given Orange Sony shirts and room keys at the moment we arrived at the assigned hotel.

Oh yes, the six of us again.

Photo credit to MHB.


I was expecting the typical food photography for magazine or menu but no, something unique was taught instead.

It looks like X-ray but it is not.
It is to see the detailed textures of the ingredients.

 Slice of Bitter Gourd can be that uniquely different.

 Lady's finger can be so beautiful and we never realised it before this workshop.

Settings used for these:
1/160, F11.0, ISO200, Contrast +3, Saturation +1. (Studio light was being used for these photos)


 They brought us to the Villa Sentosa, the OLDEST Living Museum in Malacca, which the original family is still living in it.

The purpose of this is to capture the lives, the most authentic movements.

 The owner of the museum which is his house was kind enough to allow us to capture pictures, unlike the other museums, they actually welcome any visitors to capture more pictures of this place.

If you happen to be at Malacca, do visit this place.
Just search for "Villa Sentosa, Malacca".

 Ambassador of the day for Sony Alpha.
*Just Kidding*

 I was being told by one of the Sony supporters that Sony Alpha 7 with F1.8 lens is good for portrait.

Yes, since then, I started taking a lot of portrait. 

Sony cameras have very well-balanced and saturated B&W function.
I was using the preset B&W setting of the camera.

 Was trying out more portrait.

It was a candid shot of him as he was looking away to other side.

 This workshop was held before Merdeka.

Therefore, they were preparing the Malaysia flags for the celebration of Merdeka.

 Founder of MHB is always there for our photos and of course, taking care of us.

 We found a huge grass field and the photographers actually thought we were posing for them.

Girls just want to have fun.

 Kerchi, Charis(My roommate), yours truly.

 This was really a candid shot.

We were laughing at something I do-not-remember.

 A random portrait of one of the villagers while on the way back to our bus.


 But first, let me take a selfie.

Told you my camera is good for portrait.

No matter how bad is your skill, the portrait will always turns out to be good!
Of skill wasn't that bad, I think.

 Wedding shot_01.

  Wedding shot_02.

  Wedding shot_03.

  Wedding shot_04.

  Wedding shot_05.

  Wedding shot_06.

  Wedding shot_07.

  Wedding shot_08.

  Wedding shot_09.

  Wedding shot_10.

  • Use LED light instead of External Flash light or built-in flash light.
  • Use LARGE Aperture. F1.8/F2.8/4
  • ISO 400
  • Shutter Speed 1/50(Depending on the situation)
I personally love this paparazzi shot of the founder of MHB, Tim Chew.

Photo Credit to Ed Paul.

Thanks for this Long Legs shot.

To the photographers out there, it is advisable for you all to join this kind of workshop, especially the Sony Alpha Workshop as they give very clear instructions on what to do and what not to do.

Check out Sony Website by clicking HERE to check out more of their upcoming events and promotions.

Follow me on Instagram if you have not.

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