Latest Fashion Handbags Trend - FOOD?!?

by - Saturday, September 06, 2014

It is quite amazing that the fashion trend is getting more and more unique.
Fashion is a cycle.

For example, Vintage. It used to be called as "OLD", "OUTDATED", "NOT FASHIONABLE".
But hey, it's back now, especially the Korean Fashion trend.

I was quite amazed with the latest fashion handbags trend.
It's all about FOOD.

Yes, you never got it wrongly.
I am talking about FOOOOOOOOOODD!
Of course, they look REAL and YUMMY at the same time!
I wish I could eat them but....they are more exclusive than the real food!

The sequence is not in order.
The 1st brand I want to introduce is.......


 Oh yes, A design of Orange packet drinks.

 They are very famous of their McDonald's inspired design.
They have cleverly infused the Golden Arches logo of McDonald's with their iconic heart-shaped "M".

2nd Brand is.....


 This is just a sample of model walking through the grocery store with Chanel's handbag and shopping basket!

Chanel's Milk Carton handbag!

3rd Brand is.....


 This handbag definitely looks yummy to me! 
How can you resist SUSHI?

This handbag belongs to HELLO SHANGHAI series.
As it is a Chinese take-away boxes inspired handbag, Kate Spade has succeeded in making it looks unique and fashionable at the same time!

4th Brand is.....

Anya Hindmarch!

Anya Hindmarch came out with our childhood snacks, Kellogg's inspired handbags/clutches!

Of course, the Digestive Biscuits as well!

What is your favourite Food-inspired handbag? 

Do share with me! 

 Yummy handbag indeed.

So....why not? =P

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