Of Kanching, Gangnam and Bene.

by - Thursday, August 14, 2014

 One fine day, 3 girls decided to go for a picnic by the waterfall.
Obviously, I was the driver again. =X

We went all the way to somewhere near Rawang.

The Kanching Waterfall.

 As compared to Outward Bound School, this is seriously nothing. =X

 Not so high level with not so fascinating scenery as we thought of settling down with our food at this level.

*We actually thought we had it all by ourselves!*

 Fipper's Slippers.

We are big fans of Fipper! =P

 I wanted to take pictures of other things but first......let me take a selfie. =P

 Mien - Beverages
Ser - Swiss roll and Kuih
Yeen - Home-made Japanese Cheesecake

 Ok, shit happened.

One monkey came, one monkey go.
It started off with only one monkey.
We managed to shoo it off.
Oh damn, another one is here.
It grabbed my wet tissue and ran away.
After a while, it realised it is not FOOD!
*The ape returned*
I was eating cake and it actually approached me near to my legs.
I tried to shoo it off with a huge wooden stick.
I was so afraid that it will attack me and I just threw my leftover piece of cake to somewhere far far away.
*Climb people climb*
Yes, in the end, we ended up at some higher level waterfall with SOME people there. Workers, perhaps.

 In the end, everybody joined us at this level.
Strangers. I guess monkeys chased them up as well.

 The three girls.


 Lunch at Gangnam 88, Solaris Mont Kiara.

 Pork Kimchi Soup.

It is nicer than Dubu-dubu, to be frank but not the best one I have tried.

 Marinated Pork cutlets.

Taste wise not bad. =)

 Cold Noodles with sauce.

It has the same concept as Bibimbap but just replace the rice with noodles.

Advice: Don't pour too much of sauce......=X

Cookies and Cream Bingsu at Caffe Bene, Solaris Mont Kiara.

Yes, I like it. =P

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