Kronenbourg 1664's Rooftop BBQ Party @ Stratosphere, The Roof.

by - Saturday, August 16, 2014

 Kronenbourg has bought the french way of life to consumers by introducing their Kronenbourg 1664 Beer. When I first tried the beer, I fell in love immediately with the smoothness, the taste, the sensation. I always think a little drinking with friends is good because some people tend to be more friendly after drinking. *wink* 

Before the event started, I had a small talk with the professional beer brewer of Carlsberg, He generously shared his knowledge about beer brewing with us by telling us that a perfect recipe is very important for beer brewing as I asked him whether or not it is possible for normal consumers, like us to brew our own beer. I guess....normal consumers like us with hectic schedule would prefer perfect beer ready to be served at anytime, anywhere, like Kronenbourg 1664! 

Kronenbourg 1664 was founded by Jérôme Hatt in 1664, and has expanded globally especially after it was acquired by the Carlsberg Group in 2008, and is now available in over 60 countries. Kronenbourg 1664 comes in two variants, the Kronenbourg 1664, which is brewed from Strisselspalt hops, known as the “caviar of hops”; and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, a refreshing wheat beer brewed with a hint of citrus and coriander spice, giving it a sweet and unique flavour making this variant quite a favourite among girls who otherwise would normally never touch a beer. The brand was awarded gold medals during the “International Brewing Award” in 2004 and 2005, making it the first and only brand to bag a gold medal for two years consecutively.

 I personally prefer Blanc because of the fruity taste.

I personally think that tt is best served with grilled food!
I was really happy at the party as I was being served with good food, good BEER, good music, good companions and good environment! 

In today’s fast paced life, and especially if you life and work in the city, you’re most likely to experience some form of stress – be it traffic jams, work stress, having to work long hours or overtime on a regular basis, boss yelling at you, kids screaming, the list goes on and on…

Well to give you a little break from the hum drum of life, Kronenbourg 1664 has come up with ‘Taste the French Way of Life’ which is a brand new thematic campaign aimed at giving you and your friends some enjoyable, memorable yet simple experiences.


The French are known to really enjoy their life, while (a lot of urban) Malaysians on the other hand are quite career and work-driven, striving from morning till late evening to make a good living for themselves and their family.

While I won’t say that one culture is better than the other, somewhere in between is where Kronenbourg 1664 wants you to be with “Taste the French Way of Life”- achieving a good work/ life balance.

After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Conversely all play and no work is not sustainable for long unless you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth and have like a RM10,000,000 inheritance. Or you’re a girl who married a millionaire.

In any case, the majority of us normal folk have to work to make ends meet and Kronenbourg 1664 has come up with a series of events to make us really look forward to Fridays!

Kicking off the series was the Kronenbourg 1664 Rooftop BBQ party at Stratosphere, The Roof, First Avenue Bandar Utama on 8 August 2014.

 The party officially started off at 6.p.m.

Tim(MHB's founder), Kelly Siew and I were chilling over Kronenbourg 1664 while chatting and watching the sunset. We girls chose Blanc as I said, we prefer fruity taste. 

Stephanie and Kate joined us later. We understood what Kronenbourg 1664 was trying to achieve as Malaysians can sometimes be so caught up in work that they forget to appreciate the finer and simpler things in life – friendship, togetherness and quality moments.

 The smell of yummy grilled meat and other food stuff seriously tempted us.

Professional chefs were hired for this rooftop BBQ Party! How nice!

 A fun, stress releasing machine was spotted!

Kate and I managed to obtain 400+ due to our work pressure! *inside joke*

Henrik J. Andersen, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia joined us for a beer and explained that Kronenbourg 1664’s “Taste the French Way of Life’ campaign was to champion the art and beauty of work-life balance by simply treasuring good conversation and company. Couldn’t agree more!

Henrik later then launch the party with a gas gun which is quite frequently see in Play, The Roof!

Yummy food were served.

Sausages, lamb, meat and more MEAT!

Live Band performance.

We managed to pursuade Kelly Siew to sing us a song!

"Can't take my eyes off you"!

Everybody was enjoying their night with great beer, great food, great performances and great companions a.k.a. their buddies.

The emcee managed to hype up the crowd by giving out prizes, like a Kronenbourg 1664 mini fridge to the winner of the game!

A poi fire dancer entertained us with her awesome skills and movements.
We couldn't take our eyes off her and her.....FIRE!

We had fun taking pictures video.....erm....more like video images because it will be made into a Flipbook, instead of a normal photograph!

Flip the book and the series of images will be like a short video!

Kronenbourg really did a great job!

  • Venue - CHECKED!
  • Food - CHECKED!
  • Ambiance - CHECKED!
  • Ice Cold Beer - DOUBLE CHECKED!
  • Night view - DOUBLE CHECKED!
  • Moments with friends - CHECKED!
  • you-name-it.....=D
Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for consumers and I’m really excited to attend Kronenbourg 1664’s “Taste The French Way of Life” upcoming events especially the big finale party on 5 December!


5 Sep 2014– Movie Night. Kronenbourg 1664 promises that you’ll be at the edge of your seats

12 Sep 2014 – Darts Night. It’s time to get your game face on!

19 Sep 2014 – Dining in the Dark. It’s time to get those taste-buds tingling with anticipation

3 Oct 2014 – Comedy Night. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine

17 Oct 2014 – Food Fest & Art Escapade. The time has come to ignite those senses

31 Oct 2014 – Broadway show. Kick-up those heels and sing along because this is going to be a show to remember!

5 Dec 2014 – Kronenbourg 1664 Year-End party. Billed to be the most fun you’ll have this year! (I’m so looking forward to this one!)

As the above are all consumer events, find out how you can attend by heading over to

Psst! Kronenbourg 1664 is also giving out some Handheld Monopods for you selfie addicts out there! Simply purchase a Kronenbourg 1664 beer tower, or two buckets or six full pints of Kronenbourg 1664 at participating outlets and you’ll get one (while stocks last of course). This giveaway is run in conjunction with the ‘Taste the French Way of Life’ campaign to reward you with the right tool to capture your special moments!

Hesitate no more, click on the link and find out where will the next event be at!
Appreciate the moments with your friends at Kronenbourg 1664 events before it's too late!
Call your friends now and plan for your next gathering with them! 

Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over. 
- Octavia Butler 
 Good night, people!
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