Dress To Impress!

by - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

 A woman will always have at least one dress. How can a woman without a dress?
A dress is meant to show off a woman's beautiful figure.
Beautiful figures come in all kinds of shapes, from Pear to Hour Glass.

The reason why dresses are so popular because they are suitable for all kinds of occasions.
If you don't know what to wear for a formal or an informal event, just put on a dress and you will look perfectly awesome.

Femininity + Grace = Dress!

 Fashion is a sense. Fashion is a trend. Fashion is your mood!
What you wear actually indirectly showing people how you feel of the day.

Now you know what to wear to boost up your mood even if you are having bad day!
Never let your mood leads your actions. *wink*

This season, ZALORA Malaysia's top favourite is the series of brightly coloured floral dresses!

Different types of dresses will flatter different types of body shapes.

For example,
Curvy -  Steer Clear of dresses, like bodycon dress that may emphasize on the wrong parts of your body
Petite - Peplum dresses might help in adding illusion of curves around your hips

Wear right dress is important, instead of following the latest fashion trends blindly.

"To feel amazing is to look fabulous."
 Search online for women's dress at Zalora Malaysia, ranging from top international and local brands at the most affordable prices!

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