(Travel) Trip to Hong Kong & Macau Day 2 Part 2.

by - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Holla! Back with Part 2 of the Day 2 of my HK and Macau trip.

Still continue with my visit to Ocean Park because it really did amaze me a lot.

As mentioned by the name - Polar Adventure.

The Tuxedos Restaurant.

I never tried it because the price is really NOT affordable. =O

Real penguin!

This penguin is really photogenic. 

It just stood there for me to capture its picture!

An army of penguins!

Reminds me of Happy Feet!

How I hoped the sea lion will stop swimming and let me take some pictures of it....

The so-called extreme park.

It was very packed and unfortunately, I was there with my parents so no ride at all but pictures.

Can't resist the smell of Korean Grilled Squid.

Therefore, we stopped by at one of the stalls to get this!

Ah yes, Cable car time!

It's definitely higher than the Genting Highlands' cable car!

More windy too!
I was holding tight to my sunglasses to prevent it from flying away!

Yachts! *dream*

Old Hong Kong theme.

Mum was trying to imitate the veggie seller.

Not pretty enough so I pretended to be pretty with this lamp post. LOL!


I'm on the payphone, trying to call home...

More sharks and stingray!

This is one huge octopus!

All I thought of is.....Hokkaido Snow Crab?

I really love their souvenirs but seriously, overpriced!

Bye, Ocean Park, I will be back again in the future.

Stopped by this shop for Tea time!

Braised Chicken Drumstick.

One is never enough for this scrumptious drumstick! =P

Red Bean Ice a.k.a. 红豆冰

Very different from the ice kacang or red bean shaved ice in Malaysia.

I love it!

Almond Red Bean ice a.k.a. 杏仁红豆冰

I am a big fan of Almond.

Almond tea, Almond cookies(not so much)....

Home made wanton a.k.a. 家乡云吞

Hong Kong's weather made me crave for hot steamy soup even more often.

And yes, I love wanton. =D

Settled our dinner at this shop.

It mainly sells porridge & noodles.

Fish porridge.

Wanton noodles.

Very different from Malaysia's one.
I always hated to eat wanton noodles because of the taste of the egg noodles.
This, I fell for it but it's a bit too dry....=X

Wanton noodles with different side dish.

I chose 炸酱but it doesn't tastes like the China Zha Jeong.

==================Stay tuned for Day 3 of my trip to Hong Kong & Macau!!!!!!!==========

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