Mixx Club Malacca's 2nd Anniversary.

by - Sunday, March 16, 2014

 I have seen other bloggers' posts about Mixx Club Malacca's 1st Anniversary. I was so tempting to attend at that time but I was pretty tied up with studies last time. This year, I was being invited to their 2nd Anniversary! I was so excited and can't wait for it. =D

Tim was kind enough to allow Kate and I to take his ride to Malacca(Just in case you don't know who is Tim: http://timchew.net). The traffic was pretty smooth and we managed to arrive at Malacca in the afternoon. Of course, we girls requested for a drop by at the Original Nadeje Mille Crepe outlet to pack some back to our room! We proceed with our hotel check-in after the packing of Mille Crepe.

The hotel which we stayed at is Hatten Hotel. It has awesome facilities and awesome view of Malacca sea and Malacca town. The location is strategic too! It is located next to Mahkota Parade which is very convenient for us to attend Mixx Club Malacca's 2nd Anniversary party. 

The Golden rule of partying: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! Safety first, people!

Mixx Club is centrally located inside Mahkota Parade which is right in the heart of Malacca town. The club is a multi-room entertainment centre with different music playing in each room so there’s probably something for everyone. Being located in a shopping centre has its advantages as party-goers can grab a bite from the many eateries (there’s a decent and affordable Japanese restaurant in the mall) there before going to party while there’s ample parking inside and outside the mall.

The pretty pretty girls at the reception.

Partying VIP style with our own table and drinks courtesy of Mixx Club which was right next to Venice Min's table!

The main room was packed with all the party people!

Put your hands up yo!

 The Emcee of the night - The pretty Stephanie Tan.
(We have the same surname. Can I be as pretty as you? =D)

DJ Leonard T was the first DJ on the line with his Retro style yo!

 A spectacular performance by a group of aerialists from Singapore left guests enthralled by their graceful and high-flying moves after which a stand-up comedy set left the guests in stitches! We were quite impressed by the variety of entertainment for the night. Definitely not the usual run of the mill “DJ playing music the whole night” sort of party.

This was followed by a riveting performance by a group of Chinese acrobats who displayed tremendous dexterity and balance. I doubt it’s easy balancing a dozen glasses on the bridge of your nose and the crowd looked on in amazement as more and more glasses were added!

I can’t even get one hula hoop to rotate but this girl showed her agility by rotating five simultaneously! Or perhaps you’d like to balance a basketball with a stick held in your mouth? A really impressive show which left the audience in awe.

 I was waiting with full excitement along with Kate for the showcase of DJ Goldfish and Blink!

Finally! DJ Goldfish and Blink!

Let the party begins!

They played the famous yet favourite sets of ours - from Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Deadmau 5, Crookers, Laidback Luke, Mark Knight, Chuckie, Afrojack and Avicii.

The crowd went crazy and really hyped up!
Included myself! =D

 Instagram celebrity, Venice Min was there too! She is really pretty and I couldn't get my eyes off her! Well, girls will always be girls! 

Let the photos queue begins........=P

 Steph's boyfriend, Steph, Kate, yours truly.

 Andy and I.

 The not-so-pretty - Jiayeen and The very-pretty - Venice Min.

Some hot girls from Malacca. 

DJ Goldfish and Blink joined us at our table after their set!

Thanks to MHB and Mixx Club Malacca for inviting me to Mixx Club Malacca's 2nd Anniversary! I had tons of fun by partying and meeting a lot of party people! 

Mixx Club Malacca is really a nice party venue to go to if you are looking for awesome party music and environment.

Mixx Club Malacca
Lot S19, Second Floor, Mahkota Parade,
No.1, Jln Merdeka,
75000 Melaka,
For reservations call 016-6235577 or 016-6215577 

Open daily except Sunday from 8.00pm till late. 

Photo credits to Tim Chew and Andy Kho.

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