Types of University Friends.

by - Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hey yo! I am back from the hectic schedule which was full of studies, assignments and of course, dramas.

Some said, people comes and goes.
Those who stayed are actually your true friends.
I experienced it and learned a lot from the awful experience.

Well, it was just a strike of an interesting idea to blog about this.

What do I meant by "this"?

Basically, I categorised them into 8 types.
I will start with the very first type. which is...

1) Freeloader
Yes, freeloaders are everywhere.
They will try to seek for the smart students and stick to them till the end of the whole course.
Maybe I shouldn't say "smart"....but hardworking and have good results because smart can be in another way.

2) Parasites
Parasites are those who have self-benefits but harmful to the host.
It is similar to "Freeloaders" but the only difference is it is harmful to the host(the "smart" ones).

Obviously, you will be able to find a bunch around you in university.

3) Gold Digger
 Gold Diggers are those who usually be friends with those rich students.
They just want to get the benefits out of it.

4) Day Dreamer
They usually dream about being famous, being rich but did nothing about it.
Get real, people. 
Getting a stable job doesn't means being rich.

5) The Naive ones
Some of them are actually too naive and still believing that the outside world is so wonderful and perfect.
They are usually well-protected by their parents and well taken care by their parents.
On the other side, they can't take any pressure when it comes to problems.

6) The Rich Kids
Well, the money they are spending are not theirs so I shouldn't call them as the Rich Kids.

7) The Forever-busy ones
One day, somebody posted photos of their gathering.
B: JIO YOU NOW LA! Are you free tomorrow by any chance?
A: Sorry, not free. =)
B: How about Monday?
A: Already booked by somebody. =)
B: Tuesday? =.=
A: I will be working on that day. =D
B: So....when are you free for me to "jio" you? =.=

8) The Fake Smarties
I personally dislike those who love to act as if they are the smartest people in the universe when they don't know a single thing.
I wouldn't say I am the smartest but at least I admit what I don't know and learn what I should know. 

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DONE WITH THE 8 TYPES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You may not agree but these are the 8 types as all these are just for fun. =)

Let's just hope everything will goes on according to my plan.

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