Malaysia Cat Cafe @ Setapak.

by - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am always a dog lover.
I don't really love cats a lot.
I always think that they are arrogant and fierce.

This cafe changed my perspective on cats.
They are really friendly, despite the facts that pets don't know how sharp are their teeth and claws.

I got to know about this cafe from Jackie Loi's facebook.
I didn't know there is such pet cafe in Malaysia.

Well, this is the outfit of the day. =D

Cover Charge is around RM14.90 per pax per hour, with a drink of various selection.
Student price at RM9.90.

There are studies show that pets can reduce tension and depression. 
They can even improve mood.
 So why not spend an hour to play with the cats here?

If there is a dog cafe around the town, I will definitely be the regular customer of that cafe. *wink*

Snowie definitely is the fairest cat of all!
*inside joke* 

Look at the ears!

This cat is a little more fierce than other cats.
Arrogant much, I would say.

There is this big pet shelter for us, homo sapiens to experience it.

Trust me, this kitty was trying to steal our drinks by using its paw to open the cover!

There is a wishing tree for us to hang our wishes.

I wish for "Everything goes smoothly".

There are some pet toys for us to play with the cats but seemed like the cats are bored of these toys.

Kitty or Jiayeen? =333

This is one elegant cat. 

The famous Mocha.

It is very friendly, cute and playful!

When a cat is sleeping, don't disturb it or else you deserve a claw from it. *claws*

Just playing with the hat at the cafe. =D

Anyway, if you haven't follow me on Instagram to get more updates about me.
Do it now! =D

Malaysia Cat Cafe (The Country Cat Cafe)
60, Plaza Usahawan Genting Klang, 
Jalan Danau Niaga 1, 
Taman Danau Kota, 
Kuala Lumpur.
Open 11am - 9.45pm daily
Tel: 03-4131-3348

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