Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tea Time @ Molten Lava, 1Utama.

 Have you heard about churros?
Have you heard about Molten Lava?

A churro, sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut, is a fried-dough pastry—predominantly choux—based snack. *Thanks to wikipedia*

 Bought Groupon deal of RM15.
I knew that my boyfriend love it a lot so I bought it at the very first sight.

 This guy need no further introduction. =D

 The deal included two glasses of beverages from the choices of earl grey tea, chamomile tea, english tea or chocolate.

Chamomile for her and Chocolate for him.

 Churros with chocolate dip and icing sugar.

A must-try snack at Molten Lava!

 I am ready to! =P

 Funnel Cake with banana and caramel.

Nice but.....a bit too sweet to my preference.
I prefer something not so sweet. =X

Molten Lava Cafe
Lot LG312B
(Opposite Cold Storage)
Lower Ground Floor
Oval, One Utama Shopping Centre

Tel : 03-77251777
Email :

Lastly, a selca of Jiayeen since it's been a while since I last posted up a nice picture of myself.
I was struggled with skin problem but's getting better.
Posting it up soon. =D

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bee Won Korean Restaurant @ Ampang.

 Like what my title had mentioned.
This post is mainly about korean food.
I am no K-pop fan or whatever you called it as BUT.........I love KIMCHI! =D

Korean Green Tea.

I love how it has layered taste.
Corn with green tea taste.


 We have our own privacy.
It's good for group or couple to have their peaceful meal together. =)

 Korean-ized decorations. =P

 Even the spoons have to be sanitized in Korea!

 Kimchi Jigae RM15.

As what I have mentioned, I am a big fan of Kimchi.
How can I miss this??

This is nice as it is not too spicy or etc, unlike some of the korean restaurants. =)
It has a very strong kimchi taste but just nice. =)

 Marinated Pork Ribs RM27.

Do I have to say more? =D

 We were served with 12 side dishes.
A lot but we love it.

Refill of Kimchi is a must!

 Seafood Kimchi Pancake RM20.

The pancake itself contains fresh seafood.
In order to make the pancake flavourful, you have to dip it with the soy sauce provided. =D

 This is how I eat my marinated pork ribs. =D

Lettuce Leaf + Pork Ribs + Sauce + a few cloves of garlic + Kimchi.

 Poor boyfriend have to finish whatever I ordered. =(

Remember to visit this restaurant. =D

Bee Won Korean Restaurant
B5 1-1, One Ampang Business Center,
Jalan Ampang, 68000 Selangor.

Tel No.: 03-4256-8573

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Oriental Affair – Grand Opening of Aruku the Walk.

 Ever wondered that other states of Malaysia have happening clubs too?

Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers headed down to Johor Bahru for the grand launch of Aruku the Walk on Thursday 28 March 2013.


MHB took the opportunity to test-drive two Nissan cars namely the Sylphy and the X-Gear. The Sylphy is a C-segment sedan with low fuel consumption and very comfortable over long distances while the 5-seater X-Gear tuned by Impul is a crossover between a SUV and MPV.

Grand Opening Of Aruku The Walk - An Oriental Affair Official Video from Jason Low on Vimeo.

The grand launch of Aruku the Walk themed “An Oriental Affair” kicked off with a delicious buffet spread with guests entertained by the Jasmine Chinese Band and street magicians.

Soon after guests were ushered inside through the dazzling lighted tunnel to the main room where a live band was on hand singing and dancing to the latest hits and pop songs and had the crowd singing with them.

Aruku the Walk is a brand new clubbing experience and one that could certainly rival any of KL’s clubs with it’s advanced sound and light system and interior design with nice sofas in the VIP area and a modern and striking bar.

A live band was belting out popular hits and the crowd responded enthusiastically

DJ Jerryca Misty and MC Nigel Sparks took to the decks for an EDM set that had the crowd moving as thought it was a mini-rave in Aruku!

With Elecoldxhot taking to the stage soon after with a futuristic dance performance. They were the Astro Battleground 2008 champion and 8TV Showdown 2011 champion and put on an electrifying show!

The beautifully lit tunnel which links the entrance to the main room

Some very energetic dance routines accompanied the singing

The club was packed even thought it was a Thursday night!

But we had our own VIP table reserved for us

Joanne Kam Po Po had the crowd bursting with laughter with her rather naughty set

Her dancers took to the stage to let the crowd catch their breathe from all the laughing

There was even a fashion show featuring the sexy Leng Yein

There was even a belly dance performance!

What’s a celebration without some Moet & Chandon?

Everyone was having a good time and enjoying the performances

Here’s wishing Aruku the Walk many great years ahead!
The next day it was back to KL but our trip was definitely worthwhile and memorable! Hopefully more visits to JB soon!
Aruku the Walk has different theme nights and special DJs and performances so to keep up with their schedule do visit their Facebook page.

Aruku the Walk is located at:

Ground Floor, Block D, Lot 5, Plaza Sentosa,
Jalan Sutera,
80150 Johor Bahru,

Phone: 07-331 1118

And on the MHB Facebook page -