Carlsberg's Where's The Party? 2013

by - Friday, July 19, 2013

I bet all of you are asking the same question
Read on, coz I have all the sizzling details up for you!
It was my very first Carlsberg's Where's The Party? I have been surrounded by news regarding this happening event for weeks leading up to it and I’ve seen the photos from previous parties which looks pretty happening.
WTP?'s concept by Carlsberg is to encourage the bold to step up and gain themselves a money cant buy exclusive invitation to the party of the year, where anything, and everything could happen.
This year's WTP? was held at MAEPS convention hall, indoors, which was transformed into a venue with the theme of "Jet Set" accompanied by a classic Antonov AN-2 airplane in the aircraft hangar. It was once in a lifetime experience as it was my first time attending WTP?. I have heard all about the hype in the previous events and always wonder how is it to party with Carlsberg... and now I’ve got the answer. 
Going through the metal detector just like in an airport
First up I attended the press conference with Tim and the other MHB girls. That’s the new Carlsberg managing director, Henrik Andersen and Carlsberg Singapore Managing Director John Botia making a grand entrance from the cockpit of the Antonov AN-2 airplane,
Carlsberg Malaysia managing director Henrik remarked that "air travel" is the theme for this year's WTP?! He also announced that Carlsberg will be flying 10 lucky people to the global WTP in Europe in which Axwell from the famous disbanded Swedish House Mafia would be performing. MAEPS was chosen as the venue because of its huge space as it needed somewhere large to host the massive size of party goers and to take them to new heights.
To attend the Global WTP?, party goers from 22 nations must be bold enough to step up to the challenge. They will be rewarded passes to the epic Global WTP? European style!
The list of artistes for WTP? 2013 includes:
  • Douglas Lim
  • DJ Eva T
  • Nine Lives
  • Joel Turner, 3AM in the Valley and Big Skrptz from Australia
  • Korean girl group Sweety
  • DJ Inquisitive
  • Miss Nine from Germany
  • DJs Clazz and Ming Ming
  • Cazzette
Korean group Sweety, yours truly and Tim Chew (Founder of MHB).
There were lots of party games there to accompany party goers before the main party. Loud Ludo, Marshall Matters, No-Sight Flight, Turbalance, Safety Slides and i-Darts were some of the attractions but iDarts was definitely the most packed activity! DJ Eva T provided the tunes and beats while the crowd enjoyed themselves with the games while there was lots of food in the food area such as nasi lemak, fried mee hoon, fried chicken, satay and burgers.
I’ve played iDarts only once before and that was during their grand opening, however, just for WTP? i-Darts was free all night long and I didn’t miss this chance to play some electronic darts! We played and played for at least an hour. Come on, its free and very addictive!!
There was also a “Be Bold” mobile site where guests could interact with other guests, snap photos and take part in challenges that could win them passes to the global WTP?

One word for it - Awesome! In the party zone, party-goers were treated to a sensational sound and light setup and great clubbing music and performances by the artistes coupled with lots of ice-cold Carlsberg beer making it a real fun party! The variety of artistes and thematic set up was more extravagant than previous parties according to those who went for previous WTP?.
The size of WTP? 2013 was twice the size as the people partying was almost 3,000 people, from Malaysia and Singapore. Compared the WTP? 2012, this time it is massive.
The good looking Joey G and his girlfriend Patricia K were the hosts.
Douglas Lim warmed the crowed up with his jokes especially mocking the K-Pop culture which had the crowd to a roaring with laughter.
Then Nine Lives came on and sang some popular hit songs.
Korean girl group Sweety had the guys eyes glued on their them as they danced to PSY’s , Girls’ Generation and Beyonce’s hits!
I was quite impressed with the visuals that were presented on stage. The sound system just brings out the eargasmn in me. I felt like I could party on all night long.
The heart thumping beats just brought the wild side in me. I danced with my boyfriend who accompanied me and we had the best time of our lives. It was an experience to have free flow of alcohol and sexy beats playing at the same time. I missed going to club and this was the next best thing, in fact I would say its the best thing, thanks to Carlsberg!
Swedish DJ duo Cazzette was the headliner of the night!

Carlsberg always encourages responsible drinking. They advised party-goers to always drink in moderation and hydrate yourself with water. Get your breath alcohol content tested and if you’re over the limit don’t drink and drive. Carlsberg also ensured that there were taxis on standby to send guests who were over the legal limit safely home.
And of course, some lok lok for the party-goers after the party! =D
Were you at there too? Did you enjoy the party?
Stay calm and have a Carlsberg. *wink*
For more pictures of the event, visit MHB's page at
or Carlsberg's Malaysia FB Page at

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