Allergy War, featuring Jiayeen & her skin.

by - Monday, July 01, 2013

Name: Jiayeen
Age: 22
Skin Type: Sensitive(very)

The Etude House's consultant did not give me the warning that this product is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.
I did not put the blame on them as I should've done some research before making the purchase on the products.

Hence, for people who have sensitive skin type like me, please do not take the risk and try Etude House's Wonder Pore as part of the ingredients, like the plant extracts might cause the allergy.

Trust me, I had a hard time fighting against the allergy. I felt so sad, low in self-confidence and tried hard to hide or even refused to say hi to friends because I didn't want people to ask what happened.

I remember the bad breakouts on my entire face, especially my forehead. 
I remember the dry and tight skin which made me hard to smile. (even makeup can't stay on my skin)
I remember the itchy skin that I cannot scratch. 
I remember the redness of my skin which I cannot bare. 
I remember the heat of my skin which made me feel like I am having a high fever.

And now, I would like to share with everyone on my war with my allergy.

Here comes the 1st savior!

Clinique products which are famous as allergen-free products.

Expensive but worth it.

 Their Moisture Surge is what I like the most because it is really effective even for people like me(sensitive skin).

 Secondly, I was introduced to SOUL.

Soul is a supplement which contains of seeds of berries. A lot of kinds of berries.
If you are afraid of any side effect, ask yourself, are you allergic to berries?
If yes, too bad. =P

Black Cumin Seed.
Black Raspberry Seed.
Grape Seed.

Click on HERE to find out more about Soul.

 This is the packaging of each mall packet.

One box contains 28 packets of Soul.

 Just tear the upper part of the Soul and drink it.
It's that easy!

I am going to show you some ugly pictures.

 Acne everywhere. =(

 3 days after Soul.

To be frank, I did not continue after the box due to the shortage of funds even though it is not too expensive but ya.....=/

I used to take yogurt drink every day. 
Like one glass each day.
Until somebody told me that yogurt drink contains a lot of sugar so I decided to change to something better!
VITAGEN Less Sugar and only Plain Flavour!

One day one bottle.
Good for my digestion yo!

I am back to the days before using Wonder Pore(almost) but the allergy problem always come and go but at least, I am better now. 

I learned a lot through this experience. I get to know what to use, what to eat and what to avoid. I will show you all some of the recent pictures of me. =) 

Some of you must be thinking, "you are using filters what", "You have makeup on your face what", "You took pictures with angle what" or whatever is it but HEY, people who know me well enough, they know that I seldom use BB cream or any Liquid Foundation unless it's needed so my face is always makeup-free. I usually covered my dark eye circles and eyeliner under my eyes. =)

 Makeup mode: on. =)

Makeup mode: semi(concealer, compact powder and eyeliner on my eyes)

Thanks for reading!



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