Sony's Wet Party - Launch of Walkman NWZ-W273.

by - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Julie Woon and the sexy muscular hunks.

Was invited to Sony's Wet Party for the launching of the new Sony Walkwan NWZ-W273 at Mai Bar, Aloft KL Sentral.

Yours truly and my friend, Estelle.
                                                   The Sony Walkman. Waterproff yo!

                                                     The sexy Julie Woon. (:

                                        The sexy mermaid wearing the Sony Walkman. Even mermaid
                                          enjoys music underwater too :P

                                          Malaysian synchronized swimming team showing off what
                                          the Sony Walkman can do. Waterproof at its best!

                                                 Posing with the awesome Sony Walkman.

There were other water-proof Sony products too, such as the recently launched Xperia Z Smartphone and Xperia Tablet Z, Cyber-shot DSC-TX30) and some really cool and comfortable headphones.

More info on the headphones at

                                                    Meet Kelly, Louise and Julie Woon (:

                                         Remember all these gadget we used to buy when Sony
                                         used to dominate the portable music player world?

                                              The various colors of the waterproof walkman. I bet
                                                            you know which color I love :P
The launch of the water-proof Walkman is a chance for Sony to be back in the game. The device has controls with various basic button to allow easy access to adjust volume control, play and pause of the music on-the-go. It has 4GB of memory on board which is close to 1000 songs. I bet its enough for a road trip provided you dont bring a whole load of music library with you. 
8 hours of music on full charge is quite okay and the quick charge function allows you to quickly charge before leaving the hose. 3 minutes of charge equals to close to 60 minutes of continuous music.

A well-spent night at Loft, Kl Sentral. =)

Sony has been known to be the market leader in terms of audio player and its user friendly music players and this is no different. Packing a punch in audio quality, the player continues the legacy of Sony to be one of the best performance in audio quality and user friendly audio player. Its signature quality crystal clear highs, deep bass and powerful sound typically found in Sony’s high-end headphones is what you'll get here on top of the waterproof feature. 

The Sony Walkman NWZ-W273 is a water-proof, all-in-one digital music player designed to conveniently and comfortably wear to the gym, the trail, the treadmill, and now, even into the pool and is priced at the suggested retail price of RM299.00 in Malaysia.
More info at

Photos credit: Andy Kho( and Tim Chew(

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