Smashies Burger @ Setapak.

by - Monday, May 06, 2013

 I wanted to have my Bear's Paw Burger but sadly to announce that it is now officially closed!

Passed by this new burger shop and decided to give it a try.
It is the SMASHIES Burger!

 They don't use typical sauces but Heinz.

 I know they have the similar decorations and environments as Crayon Burger or Burgerlab.

 Their History sounds fake but oh well, who cares? =P

 Tropicana Tropical Juice.

 Red, Green, Black, Yellow and Orange.

Who are all these?
Burger Buns. =D


 "I am Single".

It is the name of the burger.
It consists of single chicken patty, cheese with black bun(supposed to be red bun!!).

 Just want to make myself feel happier that at least I am fairer than this burger. *sigh*

Really cannot eat burger, isn't it?
My mouth is always too small to eat huge burger or any burger. *sigh*

Here comes the story!
We actually ordered two burgers.
"I am Single" and "Shroom Bomb" with onion rings.
Oh yes, my burger was here 1st before the "Shroom Bomb".

Scenario 1:
I remembered that my BURGER BUN supposed to be RED, instead of BLACK!
The waitress gave me excuse as "we forgot to change the description on the board".
Alright, I decided to accept the fact that my burger bun is BLACK even though I was so looking forward to my RED burger bun, mainly because I don't want to create another rubbish for them.
I was thinking "WHY didn't you inform me when I was making my payment??"

Scenario 2:
We waited for quite some time and realised that the workers are slacking.
We decided to enquire about "Shroom Bomb" with onion rings.
They told us that the stove has some problems and promised us to cancel the order and pay us back if it is not fixed within 10 minutes.
Alright, I finished my burger silently while looking at my boyfriend's hungry face.
*tick tock tick tock* Burger has finished and time has passed.
"I want to cancel my order". "Ok".
Few minutes later, the cashier told us that we have made payment and asked us whether or not we want to cancel the order.
We answered YES.
Wait, wait and wait. Saw the cashier is slacking again.
We used our eye power and stare at them.
So.....she was expecting us to cancel our order without getting back our money and walk away?

After all these, she only decided to call her boss with her frustrated look regarding this matter.
Yes, we finally got back our money but it took more than it supposed to be taken.

Will I get back to this shop?
Hell no. =)
The burger is alright. They are using the real chicken meat, instead of the normal patties.
Sadly, the service they gave me during the 1st visit is disappointing. 

If you are really interested, 

Smashies Burger
Lot 126-G-5, Metro Genting,
Jalan Genting Klang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel. No.: 012-3997815

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