Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ Shaw Parade.

by - Monday, May 27, 2013

It's quite rare for me to post about Chinese Food.

This is a restaurant with the concept of preparing their food with tea.
It sounds really unique so we decided to give it a shot.

The ambiance is influenced by the modern.
I actually like how they decorated the restaurant.
A very comfy restaurant.

Successfully overcome the obstacles of using chopsticks to eat. *wink*

Ordered Shui Xian(水仙) for 2 pax(RM2/pax).

I have to decide on most of the dishes and even for choice of tea because my boyfriend couldn't understand chinese. *Awww*

You all must be thinking why are there two pots of tea?

Note 2 somehow accompany him more than I do. T__T

What can I do when my boyfriend was playing with his phone?
Camwhore. =/

Green Tea Rice(绿茶饭) (RM1.80 per portion) 
*Note: It's free flow of rice*

I like the taste and aroma of the rice.
Very lightly taste of tea but not too strong.

Tomato Prawn Egg(西红柿虾仁炒蛋)RM12

The combination of tomatoes, prawns and egg is perfect!

Anchovies Egg (银鱼煎蛋) RM10

They use the more expensive kind of anchovies.
For a non-anchovies lover like me, I actually love it!

The anchovies are surprisingly crispy and sweet!
No sauce is needed for this!
Oh yum!

And the price is actually worth it!

Pumpkin Beancurd (金瓜烩豆腐) RM18

I was expecting more of the pumpkin taste but sadly, I didn't get to taste any pumpkin at all.
It is only the gravy with the colour of pumpkin. =(

3 dishes for 2 persons.

Too much? 
Nah~ My boyfriend helped me to finish the leftover one again. *evil grins*

Have some tea and smile. =)

If you are interested in visiting this restaurant,

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant 紫藤茶原
G01-02, Shaw Parade, 
Changkat Thambi Dollah, 
Off Jalan Pudu, 
Kuala Lumpur 55100.
(Behind Berjaya Time Square)

Tel : 03-2145 3090
Fax : 03-2145 3093

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