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by - Tuesday, April 09, 2013

If you are wondering what is this wondering what is this "sloggi", sloggi is one of the World's favourite body wear brands and the best-selling branded brief in the world. 

Girls with good lingerie are confident.
So, girls, what are you waiting for? Get a good set of lingerie now!
It can boost up your confidence, giving you that feel-good factor you need everyday.

sloggi's latest collection - Love Weather!
Chic and cheerful, with an effervescent ‘feel-good factor’, 
The latest collection - ‘Love Weather’ and ‘Weather Girl’ collections both deliver the comfort and design features for which sloggi is renowned for in spades. Plus, the products are manufactured using eco-friendly technology, too. Knowing the fact that by wearing sloggi, I'm actually playing my part for a greener World,  makes me feel uber good too!

Both garment are alive with the hallmark playful design motifs and is made from high-quality organic cotton and Italian Sensitive® Fabric.

What's so special about this collection?
• Delightful / Light hearted prints
• Very soft fabric (Sensitive® Fabric)

  • Kind to our skin, and also to Mother Earth too!
sloggi is the fabric expert & freedom enthusiast which develop comfortable underwear which one feel free to wear every day

The fabric of this collection is made out of the organic fabric which enables us to save 20% of water and 10% of electricity.

The collection is also colourful and vibrant, super cheery and adorable!

sloggi is holding a sloggi Girl Pledge Contest from 1 April - 30 April. I decided to do a very short blog post on HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD?


 Superman? No, I am no superman nor superwoman!

According to a research that have been done by the Government, the amount of landfill are actually increasing. In order to stop the increasing trend of landfill, I decided to do something to stop it before it's too late.
First of all,
GO green! 
Use a tumbler and reduce the usage of disposable paper cups.


Always recycle those recyclable materials, such as cans, glass, plastic, paper and etc.

USE Recycled Products!
Believe it or not? This is a clutch which is made out of folded newspaper.

GET closerrrrrr to nature!

Our mother Earth is just like old folks. They need love, care and appreciation.


Trees, are the one who provide us the oxygen.

If......I am lucky enough to win something from this contest,
I would like to thank Sepang Golden Palm Tree Resort and sloggi for the "something".

Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa stretches out almost a kilometre into the sheltered waters of the Straits of Malacca with 392 luxuriously appointed sea villas that shape a palm tree. 
 Let's hope that I will win with REAL LUCKS! =D

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