Bee Won Korean Restaurant @ Ampang.

by - Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 Like what my title had mentioned.
This post is mainly about korean food.
I am no K-pop fan or whatever you called it as BUT.........I love KIMCHI! =D

Korean Green Tea.

I love how it has layered taste.
Corn with green tea taste.


 We have our own privacy.
It's good for group or couple to have their peaceful meal together. =)

 Korean-ized decorations. =P

 Even the spoons have to be sanitized in Korea!

 Kimchi Jigae RM15.

As what I have mentioned, I am a big fan of Kimchi.
How can I miss this??

This is nice as it is not too spicy or etc, unlike some of the korean restaurants. =)
It has a very strong kimchi taste but just nice. =)

 Marinated Pork Ribs RM27.

Do I have to say more? =D

 We were served with 12 side dishes.
A lot but we love it.

Refill of Kimchi is a must!

 Seafood Kimchi Pancake RM20.

The pancake itself contains fresh seafood.
In order to make the pancake flavourful, you have to dip it with the soy sauce provided. =D

 This is how I eat my marinated pork ribs. =D

Lettuce Leaf + Pork Ribs + Sauce + a few cloves of garlic + Kimchi.

 Poor boyfriend have to finish whatever I ordered. =(

Remember to visit this restaurant. =D

Bee Won Korean Restaurant
B5 1-1, One Ampang Business Center,
Jalan Ampang, 68000 Selangor.

Tel No.: 03-4256-8573

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