(Review) Private Kitchen @ Damansara Uptown.

by - Friday, February 08, 2013

 Greeted by this yummy bowl of Sweet corn & old cucumber with lean meat soup (RM6 per bowl / RM20 for 5pax / RM40 for 10pax)

I always loved good soup!
Yes, this is a bowl of good soup as it contains the taste of all of the ingredients!

 I was so obsessed with the name of this tea!

Love at first sight floral tea RM5

I was curious about how will it turns out to be!
From a teabag-alike flower into a BLOOMING flower!
Smell nice, taste nice.

I just can't stop loving a nice cup of tea, it brightens up my day. =)

 Private Kitchen 私人厨房@Damansara Uptown!

 CNY Salmon snow pear Yee Sang (RM38 for half portion / RM68 for 1 portion)

1) Without crackers, salmon & sauces
2) With crackers but without salmon & sauces
3) With salmon but still without sauces

  CNY special fried rice with Chinese preserved meat & mushrooms in claypot (RM18 for 1-2 pax & RM98 for 10pax dine-in / special CNY take away at RM88 with complimentary claypot)

I thought that it will be oily but surprisingly, it is not!

 Stir-fried prime beef fillet with strawberry & black pepper sauce RM28

 Yes, I actually cannot eat beef.....oh well, I tried one piece and it's so tender!
Yummy much!

 Braised tomato with egg plant RM16

I never thought of this combination could be perfect!
The sourness of tomatoes with the taste of eggplants!

 Crispy fried tofu with salt & pepper RM16

 I can't stop eating this!
Crispy at the outside and soft at the inside!!

 Stir-fried pork ribs with longan coated with crispy honey RM32

 I really wonder how the chef made it so tender!
Not too sweet, not too salty, just nice! =D

 Private Kitchen Signature fried rice with seafood in XO sauce RM18

 I am not a fan of Fried Rice but this made me munch it. =P

 Tofu: Don't eat me please~
 Jiayeen: Who cares? =P

 Sauteed Chinese chives with dried shrimps & pork belly in XO sauce RM18

 Just FYI, chives are 韭菜 in chinese. =)
XO sauce actually covered up the strong taste of chives and made it so yummy!

 Steamed sand ginger chicken RM25 for half bird / RM48 for 1 bird

To be frank, it is a bit too salty for me. =/

 There are two floors available for the guests. =)

 It is a wall of fame which enables celebrities and bloggers to mark their footsteps.

I saw a lot of familiar names. (Wink!)

 Posing for cameras!

 Marking my name on the wall, of course!


 Jiayeen. Vivian. Sarah.

 FYI, Dennis Lau is one of the owners of this restaurant. =)

Private Kitchen私人厨房
Private Kitchen Hong Kong Cuisine
103 Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama (Uptown)
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.13451, 101.62378

Tel: 03-7728 8399

Hours: 11:30 am – 3 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm, closed on Mondays

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