Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentine's day 2012.

#1 Happy Belated Valentine's Day, People!
Sorry for this really late post due to all the classes and tiredness.

How did I celebrate my valentine's day?
To be frank, this year's v-day was my 1st year celebrated with friends. =D
My mum was kinda disappointed when I told her that I am going to celebrate my v-day with a girl. =.= *Hello? Mummy? Are you serious???*

Wanna know what have I done on that special and extremely jammed day? =P

#2 1st, I went out alone to get the chocolate bars and wrapped it individually. =D

#3 Then, I went to this Board Game Cafe named as Pitstop Cafe@Section 17 with my friends. =D

#4 Surprisingly, even this cafe also have this couple promotion.
Too bad that I am not using this. =D

#5 My date! =D
Heart heart u. =D

#6 Some of the snacks and drinks that we ordered at the cafe.
Their food actually tastes not bad.
Affordable and satisfying. =D

#7 This is the main purpose of us coming to this cafe!

Games! =D
They don't charge for games!
So it's good so that we can chill and play games as long as we want to. =D

#8 If you know how to play this, this seriously will drain your brain juice. =P

#9 The usual poker card games. =D

#10 Are you lucky enough to get the lucky stab? =D

#11 I have always heard of Jenga but never really played it.
This was my 1st time playing it and this is the LOVE version of Jenga! =D

#12 Dinner at there as well. =D

If you are interested in this cafe, these are the details. =D
Pitstop Cafe
No 672, Jalan 17/8,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya 46400,
03 – 79602421
11AM – 11.45PM (Daily)

#13 Next next! Dreamz Bakery after dinner! =D

#14 They always serve a lot of kinds of cake! =D

#15 Love-shaped Macaroons! XD

#16 How can I resist of not posing with their v-day special? =D

#17 See? Even the guys took pictures of the desserts NON-STOP! XD

#18 My date somehow suddenly fell in love with my phone games. LOL.

#19 Do I need to say more about how it tastes like? =P

#20 Vanilla-flavoured Layered Cake. =D

A must order ones! XD

#21 V-day Special!

It looks extremely suits the theme but a bit too sweet.
I don't really like it though. =X

#22 Caramel Pudding.

I found another place which make NICE caramel pudding!
Here! XD My new love! ^^

#23 Creme Bulee.

Not bad but I prefer my caramel pudding. =D

#24 Hello Kitty Cookies! Awww~ I am melted~

#25 The "dead bodies" of the v-day special. =.=
*censor censor*

#26 Total 10 people have received my v-day blessings!
These are 6 of them! XD

#27 These are the remaining 4 of them. =D

P.s. If you said you like me, why didn't I see you do anything for me?
I don't really believe in words but actions. =)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stickman's upcoming 5th Birthday Bash.

#1 1st of all, let me introduce who is this Stickman?
He is......the logo of NUFFNANG! XD

Looks familiar to you, isn't it?

Ok, now now, let's back to the original topic that I am going to talk about which is.....
"how you think the famous Nuffnang stick man should celebrate his 5th birthday."

Firstly, I think that normally people will opt for Poolside party,isn't it?
People get to see hot guys in swimming trunks and hot girls in Bikinis.
Oh yeah? =P

Secondly, another most common way of celebrating birthday will be Clubbing during birthday?
Let's get drunk and dance the night away!
*Holding stickman's hands and dancing happily*

Thirdly, organise a house party?
Invite friends, neighbour, families to have a birthday gathering.

Maybe we are able to meet stickman mama, stickman papa, stickman sis, stickman bro and etc? =D

Fourthly, Travel around alone or with friends during your birthday.
Experience more new stuff and widen up circle. =D

Stickman could be a WISE and SMART stickman!

Fifthly, celebrating with the loved ones.
Time to get Stickman wifey! =P

Sixthly, Eat more, grow more.
Food is to enjoy, not to suffer. =P

According to scientific investigation, stickman should eat more in order to grow fatter as TRUNKMAN a.k.a. TREE TRUNKMAN. =P

Seventhly, Celebration at Karaoke room.
Who knows maybe the natural instinct of this stickman is a singer? =P

Nuffnang will be celebrating their 5th birthday so what are you waiting for? =DD
See you there! *maybe* =X

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Mage Cafe@Damansara Jaya.

#1 The Mage Cafe@Damansara Jaya.

What to do with friends when you all are really bored of just sitting down and have a tea?
Fancy board games? =D

The Mage Cafe provides lots of board games, included the normal ones and the European board games.

#2 Look at the amount of board games they have there!

#3 Woah woah!

#4 Ice Lemon Tea.

Tastes weird though but we were there to play their games.
So, focus more on their games. =)

#5 Ice Peach Tea.

Just an ordinary peach tea, nothing special. =)

#6 Chicken and Mushroom Soup.

Not as nice as I thought.

*seems like their food not an attraction*

#7 We wanted to play Taboo.

Taboo is too time consuming because you need to act it out and let other people to guess it.

#8 One of the games we played is Uno Stacko.

This can really be extreme when everyone were trying so hard not to make the tower collapse!

#9 Earl Grey Tea.

Another ordinary tea.
As I said, their food might not be the main attraction to customers. =)

#10 Lychee Sorbet.

Errrrrrr....a bit too sweet!
Sorry, I don't fancy something which is too sweet. =X

#11 You will ended up think very hard if you play Uno Stacko. =D

#12 Halli Galli, another game that we played.

It is like the speed game, just that it is with a bell and the cards with FRUITS instead of patterns and numbers. =D

#13 Wasabi, another game that we played.

The name sounds cool, isn't it?
It is actually a Bingo Games, just that it is with the Japanese Food Ingredients!
Seriously, it is very time consuming. =.=

#14 This is how it looks like. =)

We didn't try playing the other European board games because the instructions itself can seriously kill us. Huge amount of instructions that I rather study something else. LOL.

If you are interested in visiting this cafe, these are the details. =D

The Mage Cafe
32, Jalan SS22/21,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
(besides Splash Gamuda)