Storm London Watches Launch @ Highstreet, 1Utama.

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

 You must be wondering..
WHAT is Storm London?

British brand STORM leads the way with statement designs and trend led product. With a multitude of cutting edge designs across both casual and contemporary styles, STORM continue to push boundaries through their innovative approach to produce unique fashion watches and jewellery. With highly original designs almost architectural in form, STORM have standout ability. Stainless steel, enamel, ceramic, leather, and Swarovski crystals are just a few of the high quality materials which contribute towards the STORM collection.
STORM is renowned for its exclusive watches and distinctive stylish fashion accessories. In addition to an extensive range of watches and jewellery STORM also offer bags, wallets, fragrances and eyewear.
STORM products are sold in department and chain stores, independent retail outlets, and STORM standalone stores in over 45 countries around the world. STORM is the only recognised British fashion watch brand on the market today. Launched in 1989 and still pioneers of the fashion industry.
STORM has a vision to continue pushing the boundaries to ensure its customers are always excited by its new and original designs.

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Storm is back in action to provide the public nice and elegant watches!

There are a lot of choices.
What's your style?
Male and Female watches are available in style too!

If you pass by this outlet at 1Utama, do check it out!

You thought that they only have watches?
You are so wrong!

Purses, handbags, sunglasses are available with affordable prices too!

Nice colours, I know.
I was so obsessed with the colours!

We were given some snacks and drinks at the launch.

The shop assistants were helping us to adjust our watches' strap/bracelet. =D

Fossil - my current watch vs Storm - my new watch. =D

Storm London Store
1st floor @ High Street, 1Utama.

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FHM's top 10 finalists were there to support the launch too! =D

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