Singapore x Friends x Exam. (Day 3)

by - Thursday, November 29, 2012

 #1 First thing in the morning - Siu Long Bao!

Yummy much when you take your 1st bite and the soup actually in your mouth. =D

 #2 Cha Cheong Mee. =P

Quoted by my boy. =P

 #3 Found a really big mirror for my OOTD shot while on the way to MRT! =D

White shorts with Black Cutout Detail Top from Cotton On Asia. =P

 #4 Sweetened Cha Kueh. =P

 #5 Of flowers and scenery.

 #6 Gardens by the Bay, a new attraction in Singapore with flowers, hot Sun and scenery.

 #7 Flower Dome.

This is where you must go! =)
Beautiful flowers with air-conditioned environment.

 #8 孤单的花儿仿佛在倾诉着寂寞的心声。

 #8 有了你,我忘记了寂寞的感觉。

 #9 I can see through your eyes.
I can see through your lens.

 #10 Picture in picture.

This what we love to do.
Snapping pictures. =D

 #11 Boss is BIG enough to occupy the whole bench. =P

 #12 我的世界从此不再是黑白。

 #13 My very boyish AMA group assignment mate and crazy mate, Ah Wei! =D

 #14 Snap snap around. =)

 #15 Waterfall welcomed us when we entered into the other area.

 #16 The Cloud Forest.

 It gave me a very dreamy feeling.
As if everything is not real in this area.

 #17 Search for a coin.
Make a wish.
Throw the coin.
Hope your wish will come true.

=) Process of making wishes.

#18 Layer and layer of the walkways.

Is there any difference?

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