Singapore x Friends x Exam. (Day 2)

by - Friday, November 16, 2012

 Day 2 - Universal Studio Singapore.

#1 1st view welcomed me were these Hollywood scenes.

 #2 Hello, I am Queen Jiayeen.

Do be my servants me k? =)

 #3 Me and Ah lian.

 #4 Popcorn Cart.

 #5 What a great idea for Halloween. =P

Now I have more eye balls to look after you you you. =D
 #6 What a lovely scene when Kungfu Panda met his little brother. =P

 #7 A must to take picture with this kungfu panda. =P

#8 Sesame Street.

 #9 At 1st, I thought this is a horror drama or etc but it ended up with a great musical which consisted of all top modern songs. Great songs, great dance. =D

 #10 Handbag of the trip - A very shiny handbag which I forgotten where I bought it from. =.=

 #11 Quote of Jiayeen -  I am here to enjoy my time, not to perform.

I said this when Tzyy Wanna asked me to battle with them in dance. =P
I can but I refused to. =P

 #12 Transformers The Ride.

I was there to save the world. =P

 #13 Our ride to save the world.

Quote of Jiayeen - I didn't know I am able to save the world by just screaming all the way. =P

 #14 Egypt.

 #15 Attempt to act scary was failed miserably. =(

I looked funny at last. =.=

 #16 Tzyy Wann's fantasy.

Sexy Lady. =P

 #17 Lunch of the day - Vegetarian Nasi Briyani with a cup of Ice Milo which total cost me around SGD$20. =(

 #18 The Lost World.

 #19 Jiayeen and the fake dinosaur. =O

 #20 Welcome to Waterworld.

 #21 Had a wet performance at this area.

Supposed to be wet but in the end, the water splashes didn't reach us at all. =(

 #22 Drying Pods to dry your body but well, another SGD$5 for this.

 #23 A very thrilling ride and yes, I tried it. =P

 #24 I was too lucky to be soaking wet.

#25 My partner in crime - Ah Lian.

 #25 Soaking wet Jiayeen, Moderate wet Ah Wei, a little wet Chia Man.

 #26 Far Far Away.

 #27 Had a very very lame Donkey show.

Only kids can understand the jokes. =(

 #28 Madagascar!

 #29 The 4 main characters. =D

 #30 The penguin landed right in front of me after the dance. =.=

 #31 Candies, candies on the tree,
Who's the most obedient of them all?

 #32 Our group photo with the Signature Universal Studio Globe!

 #33 I think this is yummy but just not willing to get it. =.=

 #34 Fireworks. =)

 #35 M&M and us.

 #36 Tzyy Wann. Yvonne. Jiayeen.

 #37 The very colourful Merlion.

 #38 Ended my day with a bowl of Dao Xiao Mian.

#39 and a bowl of Strawberry Passionfruit shaved ice. =)

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