Singapore x Friends x Exam. (Day 1)

by - Wednesday, November 14, 2012

 As you all know, I just came back from Singapore.
It's a very affordable trip as we bought all of the entrance tickets with online deals and in MYR.
One reason I went to Singapore in between my exams, right after my 3rd paper and before my last paper is most of my friends are going back to their hometown soon and continue with their internships. 

We were in great dilemma on which transportation system should we take.

In the end, we decided on Train as most of us never try that before.

#1 Train shot 1.

#2 Train shot 2.

 #3 Yes, I wrote my own notes to bring to Singapore.

Useful or not? I wonder....=X

  #4 The 1st thing I ate in Singapore is this Loh Mee.

Sticky gravy with flat noodles.
Yummy much. =D

 We went back to our hotel to take a shower as we were really stinky for not taking shower for one whole day. Off we go after our shower!

 #5 iPhone and my Tripod.

Thanks to Ah Lian for helping me to carry it around. =P

 #6 Our new tour guide - Ah Wei! 

 #7 Finally I have confident to wear a more feminine dress with my short hair.

I always thought that Short hair Jiayeen shouldn't wear dress because I look weird in it.

 #8 Starbucks' Marry X'mas Miniature. =)

 #9 My Crime Partner for camera - Ah Tzeng.

We always talk about camera and more. =P

 #10 兵变?冰变?傻傻分不清楚。

 #11 Singapore Flyer.

 #12 My tripod in use.

This is how we took our group picture.

 #13 Up up in the sky!

 #14 what a bad weather as it was gonna rain.
Pity us. =(

 #15 Jiayeen in the flyer.


 #16 Beauty and the map!

 #17 那些年,我们一起看过的风景。

 #18 Jiayeen and Chia Man.

 #19 Rain rain, go away, come again another day~

 #20 We rock this way!
We actually communicated with the people opposite us to help us to snap a picture!
By just hand language. =P

 #21 Footwear of the day - A pair of black ballerina flats. =)

 #22 Satay Noodles.

 #23 Ice Kacang!

 #24 Oyster Fried.

 #25 Marina Bay Sands.

I love the environment.
Very comfy.

 #26 Look at the size of the LV outlet.

 #27 The daytime view.

 #28 Finally a picture of 8 of us with the night scenery! 

Ah Lian, Yvonne, TW, Ah Tzeng.
Me, Ah Yiaw, Chia Man, Ah Wei.

 #29 Night Scenery rock this way!

Never regret bringing my tripod along.
I can't snap this without it. =))

 #30 Singapore Merlion.

 #31 The three hunks of the trip!

 #32 The 5 ladies. =P

#33 Beautiful.
This moment, I fell in love with it.

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