Hennessy Artistry Finale Party of the Year 2012!

by - Monday, November 12, 2012

 #1 Look of the night - Pink Toga Dress with my hair coiled up. =)

I looked really tired as the finale party falls between my exams. =(

#2 met up with some old friends.

Jason. Jiayeen. Choulyin. Simon.

 #3 Jiayeen. Jessy.

 #4 Johnathan. Nigel. Jiayeen. Jason. Dusty.

 #5 Jiayeen. Ashley. Choulyin.

 #6 My love and I. *wink*

 #7 Besides meeting up with old friends, there were some really interesting performances.
DJ Havana Brown!
The female DJ!

I love her very much since her single "We Run The Night"!

Did you all see me at Zone O? =)
See you again, my dear Hennessy Artistry! =D

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