Topshop-inspired Geometric Contrast Dress.

by - Saturday, September 15, 2012

 *Ding Dong*

Hurray, the long-awaiting parcel is finally here!
What's inside?

 A Topshop-inspired Geometric Contrast Dress from whitesoot!

I have got a lot of compliments of me wearing this piece of dress.
It fits just nice on me!

 I have matched this piece of dress with my pair of beige heels!
I love how it wrapped my body, I love how it emphasizes my body shape.

A good piece of dress will boosts up your body shape, 
a bad piece of dress will not only ruins your body shape but also makes you look really horrible.

I always thought that short hair is hard to match with dresses but I have realised a way to look elegant instead of cool which is clip it up. =)

 Take a closer look of me with this piece of dress.

I love the quality!
It is a well-made product which really satisfied me!

 A zip at the back of the dress. =)

Where can you get this piece of dress?
Here! Whitesoot is the place!

It is an online boutique which emphasizes on quality and efficiency!
They will respond to your order and enquiries within 24hours! 
After you have made any order, they will even post it out the next working day!

In terms of quality, they really done it well as their clothes are really in good quality.
You might be worrying about the prices, right?
Don't worry, the prices are affordable too!

It is the solution to a sudden "lack of dresses" disease!
what are you waiting for? =P

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