Libresse Barometer.

by - Monday, September 10, 2012

 Have you heard of Libresse?
If you haven't, do like Libresse Malaysia Facebook Page by clicking HEREEEEE!!!

So, what is Libresse? 
I remember my brother asked us girls a question out of curiosity.
"Why do girls have to use so many sanitary pads?  The amount that we used is almost equal to the amount of facial tissues that we used!!"

For guys, maybe they do not understand why and how.
But for girls, we understand it clearly and thoroughly that we have to use a good quality and good absorbent sanitary pads in order to keep us active, clean and comfortable.

Libresse is designed to fit a woman's anatomy perfectly for the ultimate comfort and absorption. Its pad is designed with wider front and narrower middle, and it folds neatly in the back. It also has Deep Flow Channel which drives liquid quickly inside.

 Recently, Libresse have introduced this new Facebook application which is being named as Libresse Barometer!

You must be curious about this application, isn't it?

 1st of all, get to Libresse Malaysia Facebook Page and.....LIKE IT! DUH! =P
Click HERE! =)

Can you see the new application? Right below the cover photo?

 This cute banner requires you to click ENTER in order to get to the BAROMETER!

 As usual, Facebook will requires you to allow the application to run or to post on your wall!

You must be interested about this application now. =)

This application actually allows you to share your thoughts, your feelings about the weekly topic which is with 3 different questions. The 3 questions will be posted every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

If you are not good in writing or you prefer it to be in talking, you may even record your voice by clicking "ALLOW RECORD"! If you do not want your voice to be heard, you have an option to make it as ROBOT sound! Isn't it cool? =D

Besides that, you also have an emoticon to represent your mood/feeling towards the question.

THREE Users will be the selected to receive little surprises from Libresse Malaysia weekly!

How do Libresse Malaysia select the 3 chosen ones?
Most active participant(x1 per week)
Most interesting sentiments submitted(x2 per week)

So in conclusion, the more you participate, the higher the chance to receive surprises from Libresse Malaysia! What are you waiting for, Girls?? =D

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