Malacca + Muar.

by - Sunday, August 26, 2012

 1st thing that welcomed me was this bowl of ABC with authentic Gula Melaka!

 Do you believe that this is just my lunch?

 1st try at Klebang!

 I am no coconut lover but surprisingly, I LOVE THIS!
The combination of coconut water, coconut flesh and Wall's Ice Cream is just purrrrrrrrrfecttttt! =D

Of course, have to thanks to my friend who brought me to this!

 Nadeje, as usual for everyone.

For your information, this is the main branch of Nadeje.
The one at Mahkota Parade is just their new branch.

 Look at the varieties of Layered cakes and doughnuts.

 Nadeje. =D

 I couldn't believe their interior design is similar to those night clubs!

 I thoughts that I have went into the wrong shop!

 Chocolate Banana.

 Strawberry Chocolate.

 Mango Yoghurt.

 Portuguese Settlement for dinner.

 Flowery and Blasty must filled- car. =D

 There are a lot of couples, walking by the seaside with their couple shirts. =)
Romantic much, Sentimental much. =D

 Clams + Ginger.

 Prawns + Butter Garlic.

 Starfruit Juice.

 Fried Squids.

 Kangkung + Prawn Paste.

 Ikan Bakar.

 What do you want to see from me?
What do you want to get from me? =)

Currently getting used to my baby Lumix GF3. =)

Just for your information, all these pictures are non-edited pictures. =)

 1st time trying Wan Tan Mee with just chili sauce.
Unexpectedly nice. =P

 Muar Riverside.

 Holding by just to get close to you.

 Finally a picture of me. =D

 Kite oh kite, do you mind flying me across the world?

 At least a camwhore picture to show you all how am I right now, right? =P

 Food Market at Muar!

 Lemon Lime Juice is the best drinks to rehydrate!

 How can I miss this yummy masterpiece?


 "Boss, I want a dozen please!" =D



 Pork Porridge!

Familiar with this long long queue?

 Capitol Satay Celup!

Open at 5pm but people started to queue around 4pm!

 Look at the amount of people who are queue-ing for this!


 Bread with satay sauce! BEST!

 Beer with satay celup!



Must try! XD

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