Kota Kinabalu Day 3! Of Bikini and Beaches.

by - Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 3! Time for some bitches beaches!
We went to the jetty which have been named as Jesselton Point that located at the town centre!

Jesselton Point.

On the ride of speed boat!

1st stop.
1st stop would be the ultimate beautiful island, Mamutik Island!

Before snorkeling.

Ready for snorkeling/ resting time in between snorkeling.

Me with the beautiful beach.
Yes, I love beaches very much. 
That's why I got tanner recently(and sunburned of course!).
Or I should say I just love the beauty of nature? =D

2nd stop.
2nd stop would be the Manukan Island.
We wanted to continue with my snorkeling at this island but unfortunately, the sky got darker. =O

Lunch @ Sutera Harbour, Manukan Island.
I always love this kind of relaxing environment for meal and just for chilling.

Tuaran Mee.

Yong Chow Fried Rice.
Conclusion of this trip:
This is my 1st time going on trip by flight with friend. I love it. I love this feeling that I am a backpacker. I love the feeling that I am exploring things. Even though things did not go as we planned but we still find our ways to enjoy it.

Another 1st time experience was that we took a ride back by a "SCARY DRIVER" bus from Kinabalu Park! Can you imagine that he was driving at more than 100km/h from Kinabalu Park to the city town centre?? All the pathways are those curvy mountain roads! My 1st time got dizzy in a vehicle, seriously! =.=

One of the 1st time experiences other than the "BUS" was the islands. My 1st time snorkeling for more than 2hours. I regretted that I did not get a waterproof camera! The scenery down the sea is just significantly beautiful! I can still remembered the feeling of touching and feeding those fishes, the feeling of peaceful, noise-less environment down in the sea and the feeling of enjoying those beautiful Fishes' habitats, the Coral Reef!

But, unfortunately, it was raining when we arrived at the second island, Manukan Island. We have to stop our activity! Everyone was rushing back to the jetty as if they will be stucked at the island! We told the tour guide that we wanted to take our boat ride back to the town at 3p.m.! In the end, we took at 4p.m. and it was raining heavily. Imagine all the aggressive sea waves and speed boat along with the splashing down pour! What an experience!

If I am given a chance to get back to Kota Kinabalu, I would do so along with my WATERPROOF camera! =D

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